Acer 13.3" Core i7 Ultrabook w/128GB SSD

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Not many reviews for this laptop…

Graphics: Intel HD 4000 (128GB dedicated) ? Does anyone know the real spec.

No, 128 GB refers to the solid-state drive (like a hard drive). Intel HD 4000 is a version of the integrated graphics found in Intel Ivy Bridge generation processors. There is no dedicated video memory, but it give good performance for everything short of video games.

Zero reviews on Amazon, NewEgg, CDW, and Adorama. I’m staying far away from this. You can get refurbed Zenbooks with better specs for the same price.

This one may be new/old stock but how could anyone justify a 300+ for anything with just a 90 day refurb warranty?

Tech Radar review

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But I remember how to Internet. Tech Radar with benchmarks and “look and feel” review.

Will the max of 4GB of RAM be enough to take advantage of the i7processor and any apps or SW?

Doesn’t look like it has a touch screen or back lighted keyboard. Two musts for me.

This was looking great to me until I got to the 3 cell battery. Doesn’t seem like that would provide real ultra book battery life. I’m looking to replace my older Acer Timeline that has been great and had 8-9 hours straight batt life when it was new.

$600 for a new (not refurb) less than 3/4 inch thick 13.3 inch display Intel i7 CPU laptop seems like a really good deal.

There’s normally a $100-200 premium for dropping from 15 inch displays to 13.3.

But you have to get past the small 128 GB SSD storage. Should be fine if you do most of your stuff online but still might take some adjustment.

I wouldn’t let the 1366x768 screen resolution whiners scare you away. Like it or not that’s the current mainstream standard and this laptop is priced slightly above mainstream due to the compact size and CPU.

Does anyone know if graphics on this laptop is good for playing MindCraft(will not lag) and downloading mods?

What do you think of the max memory of 4 GB? I know running numerous apps can really get slow if there is not enough RAM.

@groeschel, it wouldn’t bother me. I have several clients running 2-4 GB of RAM. Most peoples’ use of Windows is a lot less RAM-dependent than they think. No need to be a spec-chaser in this respect unless you know specifically your uses demand it.