Acer 15.6" Core i3 Touchscreen Laptop

**Item: **Acer 15.6" Core i3 Touchscreen Laptop
Price: $379.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Im happy theres at least SOMEONE on the internet that wants me to go back to work today. Thanks woot!

Tell us how you REALLY feel.

Does anyone know how hard it would be to upgrade the RAM myself?

ANOTHER laptop?!?! just have a “COMPUTER WOOT” for heavens sake!!! holy cow

WTH…back to back Woot-Off killers ? You guys/girls at Woot take too many breaks

Tiny bladders.

I’ve sent your suggestion in for consideration. thanks!

Anyone know if any of these acer touch screen laptops can fold back on themselves to be flat while in use?

Interested in finally upgrading my old laptop and would like a touch screen, but if it cant fold flat then its just a gimmick. Why would you use a touchscreen when you have the keyboard/trackpad right in front of you

Ummmm the rest of us just use wide mouth bottles so we don’t miss out on the BOC

I’m glad this woot came up so i can go out to lunch and not worry about missing anything.

Hopefully it won’t last till dinner.

Woot needs more with 11-13 inch screens, i3 processor or better,an HDMI port, and under $400. Do that and I’ll bite.

Of course I would buy faster if there were more tablets accessories that don’t involve Apple.

Because Windows 8 sucks and is basically unuseable without a touchscreen?

No one yet mentioned how 1366 x 768 resolution needs to go off somewhere and die in a musty forgotten corner? Must be my turn.

Because I dont own a tablet and would much rather have a fully useable laptop that can also be used as a tablet along with daws I use that are now becoming touch-capable, as apposed to 2 separate devices one running gimped software I dont care about. The short time I ran win8 before it ate my installation it was fine running it in desktop mode

Either way, anyone know the answer to my original question?

Don’t believe any Acer’s have that feature, but Lenovo’s yoga do. They are pretty nice, but definitely more expensive. They come in 11 and 13 inch screens.

Well, I guess acer has one…

thanks, figured these didnt but couldnt find any definitive explanations one way or another

Seems its only in true ‘ultrabooks’ or ones marked as convertibles