Acer 21.5" Full-HD Touch Smart Display

Is it Win8 compatible? I think I read all the description, Don’t recall seeing anything other than it can be used as a PC monitor

It’s an Android 4.0 device.

According to Microsoft, it is compatible with a free download. Probably the driver.

Just gotta pop in and say this is great for a kids room. Particularly if you have a TV provider that provides an Android app (Dish Anywhere ftw!). Don’t need a seperate box for my nephew’s room. It can be wall mounted pretty easily.

That and this thing is virtually indestructible compared to a normal tv.

I already have two, and if it is still here on payday I may be in for another for a garage tv.

Is it a Touch Smart Display that works with Win8 touch screen features, that’s the question.

Android 4.0 built in is not a deal breaker for me


Same price on Newegg:

I don’t deal with android stuff a lot. Can I upgrade it to newer versions?

Got this last month from Newegg. Kept it a week and sent it back. It’s very slow and can not be upgraded past the current version. Looks like Acer has basically abandoned it. I went with the HP slate pro and love it. I use it in the kitchen mounted to the wall.

Does anyone know if this is shipping from Texas, or somewhere else?

Here’s the general idea with Android updates: if you want them, buy a Nexus devices. On any other product the updates are late or very late at best. It’s not rare to have to wait over a year after an Android release to finally see it on a device; and that’s only for products that sold well. Anything that is not a high visibility product is very likely to never see an upgrade.
You’re better off getting a 21" monitor with multiple inputs and hooking up a FireTV or an Android HTPC to it.

Slightly more expensive price $199 for brand new (but potentially without sales tax) at B&H Video

To those thinking about converting this into a Windows 8.1 PC. In a word, fuggeddabbouddit. Why?

  1. The CPU is ARM, not Intel/AMD x86. This means that the Windows you’ll install, if you can do it, will be Windows RT ver 8.x, not x86 Windows 8.1 (x86 Windows 8.1 is the Windows on your PC or Microsoft Surface Pro). Windows RT is the operating system on Microsoft Surface (not Surface Pro).

  2. Windows 10 is around the corner. Microsoft has stated that a wholesale Windows 10 operating system will not be coming to Windows RT devices, although certain features of Win 10 may come. If you want the free x86 Win 10, get an 8" or larger slate (Microsoft-speak for what everyone else calls a tablet), convertible, hybrid, 2-1n-1, laptop/notebook, or desktop PC with an Intel/AMD/VIA CPU, not an ARM CPU (ARM CPU = Qualcomm Snapdragon, Nvidia Tegra, Samsung Exynos, TI OMAP, Rockchip, MediaTek, etc).

  3. This thing only has 1 GB RAM. If it runs Windows, it will run it very slowly, and only Modern/Metro UI apps (from the Microsoft Store), not PC x86 Desktop programs. This machine won’t run x86 programs (those that run on Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc), or if it does (by emulation), it will run them very, very slowly.

  4. It only has 8 GB internal storage, which is shared with the Android files.

It was $179 the day I posted it.