Acer 21.5" Full-HD Touch Smart Display

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Acer 21.5" Full-HD Touch Smart Display
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 6-7 business days (Monday, Jan 05 to Thursday, Jan 08) + transit
Condition: New


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Who is going to talk me out of buying this? Initial thought is that I have got to get this.

I bought one of these at $299 I think, expecting it to be a mediocre Android, but possibly a decent e-book reader next to my bed, and a TV monitor (micro-HDMI input).
When it arrived, the display was dead (or backlight dead) and I had to send it back.
I’d also be curious about using this as a touchscreen for Windows 8 or higher.
It’s a little disturbing that Acer disavowed all knowledge of this thing three months after release, like there was something critically wrong with it :frowning:

Check out this hands-on review over at engadget

Can this be used in junction with a stylus to make it a cheap functioning graphics tablet for drawing?

If it can connect to my laptop and I can use a stylus with reliable touch sensitivity then it might be a good buy just to play around and draw on a bigger screen without having to buy an expensive graphics tablet.

Hint, I want to try my hands at drawing a t-shirt if this would be a good investment as a graphics tablet.

It maxes out at Android 4.0 and from some careful reading, it doesn’t support some of the Android apps in the way you would want or expect it to. This is a great value for someone, maybe for a retail business that needs a large stand-alone. But in the long run, I am not seeing the value in this. Further, it appears (from reading) that Acer no longer provides support for the product (according to comments in the Endgaget article). I was really excited, now I’m really bummed.

Google Shopping says it works ok as a monitor. Do not buy this expecting a high-performance android tablet.

I own this, ready to give it away. Screen is very glitchy, touch response is inconsistent. Software is out of date, many apps don’t work (especially games), & there’s no support. When I tried to return to Newegg due to screen issues they didn’t want it back either & price was refunded back to CC rather than return it. Might be OK for child, but not worth more than $100, IMO.

I bought this the last time it was offered.
The touchscreen is almost as bad as the touchscreen on my 2003 Garmin GPS. It’s fine for a tap or a swipe, but forget about dragging anything as it will always drop out randomly.

And as an Android device it’s very sluggish for 2014. The only pro is the huge screen size.

I ended up using it for reading CBR comics in Perfect Viewer. Maybe checking the forecast, but my 2012 phone is way faster.

PS. I wish I could sell it for $100

As one of its daily deals, Newegg offers the Acer DA220HQL 21.5" 8GB Touchscreen LCD Monitor / Android Tablet, model no. UM.WD0AA.A01, for $179.99 with free shipping. That’s tied with our mention from two weeks ago as the lowest total price we’ve seen. (It’s also a current low by $51.) When plugged into a PC, it acts as a touchscreen monitor, and when unplugged, it doubles as a 21.5" Android tablet. It includes a wireless mouse and keyboard and features a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1920x1080 (1080p) touchscreen LCD, 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, 802.11n wireless, Bluetooth, two USB ports, micro HDMI, and Android 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich). Deal ends today.

Note: If you haven’t yet, use coupon code “MBLMASTER15” and pay via MasterPass using Newegg’s mobile site to cut it further to $164.99. (This discount can only be used once per account.)

do you think this could get netflix well, on wifi?

For what it’s worth, my only experience with any Acer product (a 10" netbook) has been horrible. Clunky, slow, and uneven performance from a unit with specs that when I have a Lenovo with the same specs, rans flawless.

If it were under $100 it would be a decent deal. It is a piece of garbage for the most part.

A huge touch screen for the whole family, school or office! The PERFECT gift during the current flu EPIDEMIC!

Someone wrote: “It’s a little disturbing that Acer disavowed all knowledge of this thing three months after release, like there was something critically wrong with it.”

This may be why…

Looks like the same thing is being hawked elsewhere as a Viewsonic.

At least Woot has the lowest price so far!

One site incorrectly states the MSRP was $699. Viewsonic sells refurbs and says the MSRP was $399.

So, I lot of hinky crud be spread around about this product that apparently more than one importer scooped up and branded after seeing it at some Chinese trade show.

Then the problems arose and they were stuck with them.

OFF TOPIC: I found a cheap Chinese digital camera with the ORIGINAL name from the factory. It was named: “Beyond Taste & Beauty” or BTB. Great name, should have stuck with it!

I got a dud tablet from Newegg, and they took it back, but what a pain!

They claim that if you print the label from them, it is cheaper to ship, but it was $12.89 based on 3 pounds! The unit was only $94 and was at least a pound lighter.

When my printer messed up the label, it COULD NOT be reprinted. Newegg does not allow it!

I was told by CS that I had to take the tracking # to an official UPS Store they would print it. My UPS Store is a franchise and does not offer that service.

So: Make your own label, please!

Most telling and useful bit of info you need…

Do not buy, be warned, there’s not a chance you will get a fully functional touch screen. Not a chance.

I bought three, not one has a working touch screen. I’m using one right now as a standard monitor while my office is being renovated, it’s not a great standard monitor either. Also, it’ll slip into Android mode if you set your power mode to have your monitor sleep and the only way to turn that off is to shut down Android, which requires a swipe. When I say the touchscreen doesn’t work, I mean I have literally NEVER been able to just do the very basic swipe to shutdown. I’ve tried for twenty minutes before. Now I just plug in a mouse as soon as I realize it’s slipped into Android mode. The best use for this monitor is as a gift for your most hated enemies. True story.