Acer 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor



Acer 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor

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    1 Acer AL2216W 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor


Can’t say anything about this specific monitor, but I use monitors in this series at work every day. Love them. Good price too.


Rather have a NEW Viewsonic @ Costco for $299.00


I need to upgrade my 20 inch…is this worth it?

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Not too shabby, even for refurb. It’s a pity I just bought a 19" Acer monitor last month, for $150.


I have this monitor. I like it.


From CNET:

7.1 overall.


Ive had good luck with Acers. If the screen stays working, its a screaming deal!


Nice - great monitor. Got one of these a while ago (new) at a bargain price.


Not too shabby. Either way, I have the Hanns-G from a while ago. Still waiting on the rebate, but it’s a great monitor.


Is this worth getting? I bought an LCD for my daughter at Christmas, but I am still watching a 15 year old TV.


pretty sure this does HDCP… very good deal if you’re in teh market for a huge monitor


got a friend with a couple of these - he loves them


I have the 19" version of this. Great monitor. Although I’m not so sure about a previously used LCD…


theres an 18.1 for $89 at ecost. it came up as the side deal

is $110 worth 4 more inches

all genders feel free to respond :wink:


I payed $220 for my 22" westinghouse on black friday. Though mine wasnt a refurb. If I needed another monitor i would buy this. Acer has a good rep.


Yikes, if these are anything like some of the 17" and 19" ones we have used at work, they are not very good quality. I’m not a big fan of Acer screens…


That’s a really good price. The lowest I found a 22" new was more than $100 higher. Too bad I don’t have the funds right now. :frowning: