Acer 24” Widescreen LCD Monitor with HDMI

Nice response time (2 ms) and contrast ratio (3000:1), especially for a 24", any reviews on this monitor?

Dead pixel return policy?

cute pooch, hopefully these will still be available in the morning when I can get the wife’s permission


Dang, this is sweet…Any reviews?

Here’s where the image on the screen is from:

TN Panel?

Looks good… HDMI… Nice… Cannot put out the bucks right now for it…

if there are dead pixels, there are ways to fix them with some chance… do a search on google.

i shall pass on this, I move out of my place in three months

Does this have a vesa mount?

Yup, the 160 degree viewing angle and 2ms response gives it away. Think this was $300 or so at office depot recently. Not a bad deal if you don’t plan on looking at it from different angles.

Sorry, it was the X243Wbd. Might be the same panel just this one has HDMI though.

I have this monitor- it rocks! Very bright (so bright, I had to tone it down). Excellent for gaming. Love it, love it, love it!

OfficeMax just had a Soyo 1920x1200 resolution, 24" S-PVA panel for $250+tax (after 30 off 150 coupon) .

My heart and mind say yes but my aspirations to own a house by summer say “no!”.

I own this and paid full price $400 at Circuit City about 1 month ago…Personally LOVE it …Have my 360 hooked up to it…found a VGA cable for my Wii and is on the way hopefully will as happy:)

Refurb well who knows but for the price BEST deal you can find:)

What resolutions does it support via HDMI?

1080p? It is 1920x1200 after all…

Sorry guys, I probably have no idea what is this; can I hook up my laptop and and/or my DVD player here so I can use it as a screen and watch movies in my bedroom?? or is it just for gaming??

1920x1200 is it’s native resolution so it’s best to run it as a monitor at that resolution. Obviously it does 1080p but it might have little black bars on the side from a 1080p source(Blu-ray player, PS3, etc). Don’t know if it has a scalar.