Acer 24” Widescreen LCD Monitor with HDMI

Quite the slow woot-off tonight… hope something worthwhile is coming :frowning:


I need a good birthday gift for brother. This isn’t it . . .though looks good

This should last a while… unless w00t only has 12 of them.

C’mon how hard is it to get a flying robot from woot?

Hmmm… Too bad I dont have 300 and already have a good monitor

you “first” people are LOSERS! My girlfriend says so… what does yours say… oh that’s right you only have a robot!


whats with all the expensive stuff???

this is great using it right now got it on sellout.woot

would be nice with the last dvd player

I love my 24" acer i got off woot. Works great, a bit of cosmetic damage to the plastic back, but works like a charm.

Got one recently and using now its great… not solid blacks on HD though when using as tv moniter

I’ve spent too much money recently, but otherwise I’d buy two of these

Just got a 22" a few days ago… O well samsung is better anyway

Bah, if this had a tuner, I’d consider it!