Acer Aspire 1.7Ghz Widescreen Notebook PC

not a bad deal - dual core and all - I just don’t need it…

Thus concludes the woot off, in my eyes.

we actually just clearanced a better model at staples for the same price.

what was the last BOC though?

Bring back the mouses please. I’ll buy more.



I just went to buy that mouse, I clicked the my info is correct and SORRY sold out.

Why am I even still up?

i hate my life

Thats it… no BOC for me. Nighty night

No… Reallly
Drool on keyboard…
Neck stiff,
EYes teared up
wife left for Younkers

Rocket - check your msg’s…

no thank you, just ordered MBP, no need of that thing :stuck_out_tongue:

more junk, yay

F uc K Mee!!
These Woot A ss hlo es Are Fu ck in with us. I could give A Shti

Blah Acer… WTF!

where were you 2 FREAKING HOURS AGO!?!?!

Epic fail… don’t they realize the cheap buyers are on…?

1 GB RAM + Vista = CARP