Acer Aspire 10.1" 6 Cell Netbook with Accessory Kit

Well, everyone’s been clamoring for a 6-cell netbook, and this one comes with some cool extras.

here’s the Acer Aspire One website

What kind of resolution does an “integrated” webcam have?

Aw man, a friend of mine just bought the Acer from Woot last week and was complaining about the 3 cell battery.

I just got my Aspire One from the previous woot and used it in class for the first time today. I’m really pleased with it so far and would definitely recommend it. Can’t speak to the accessories though.

My dad ordered a 3-cell with the accessory kit from the Woot offering on the weekend before Christmas.

We initially had some slight issues with getting a replacement power cord sent from the refurbisher (the one we were first sent was mangled), which once I called back and asked why we didn’t see a replacement after two weeks, they overnighted us a new one.

The only thing I’m not 100% thrilled with is the accessory kit. The DVD drive is great. The case, while it doesn’t zip closed, is more professional looking than the neoprene one I use for my own Aspire One.

I haven’t tried to use the mouse yet though. I feel like I should turn in my geek card for admitting this, but it’s a wireless mouse without a dongle or anything to tell it to connect to one specific machine.

Dad and I always use our netbooks in the living room, often at the same time. So we have a slight paranoia of said mouse attempting to control both of our netbooks at once.

All that rambling aside, this is a fantastic deal, especially since it’s a 6-cell.

.3 megapixel, so says the great and powerful google.

Had it for 6 months and like it a lot.

Good design, looks nice, feels nice and light, nice screen, excellent battery life, reasonable speed. Wi-fi reception is excellent. Speakers are decent considering the size, and I was impressed with the graphic equalizer capabilities of the sound hardware. You can tweak the sound in many different ways through the software.

Do the RAM upgrade to 2GB, which is easy and pretty cheap, for some performance boost.

Caveats are the touchpad size and keyboard size. Neither are full-size, as some netbooks have. The individual keys are actually smaller. You won’t want to type any long papers on this. The webcam is unfortunately next to useless because it’s so low-res.

I’ve found this excellent for note-taking during class, as well as alleviating boredom during and between classes. Playing TV episodes and movies (AVI files) is generally handled very well. Casual web-browsing is good too. I also use this around my house all the time, when I’m away from my desktop.

With this accessory pack this looks like a nice deal.

Is the mouse Bluetooth or USB?

Here’s a 9 cell battery for under $60 - adds some weight and bulk, but should give him at least a full 8 hours of charge if he takes care of it properly. I’ve been meaning to pick one up myself.

What kind of resolution does an “integrated” webcam have?

With a 0.6 megapixel camera, they could fill the screen.

Looks like a sweet deal. I paid $250 for a 10 inch eepc with the 6 cell battery from woot and it was like new even though it was listed as refurbed. This unit comes with an external DVD drive and other stuff, the drive alone is worth more than $40. If only I’d waited…

.3MP 640 x 480 I believe…

Anyone hackintosh this? If so does it work nicely?

With the DVD drive, it can double as a portable DVD player for the kids on that long car ride.

It doesn’t say it records, so it probably doesn’t!

Well looks like this guy did it:

Heh… and my 3-cell Acer Aspire 1 D250 from mainsite woot less than 10 days ago just arrived yesterday.

$220 + $50ish for a battery upgrade + $10 for an accessory kit?

sounds relatively comparable, more or less? (although the mainsite woot plus battery would leave you with a backup 3-cell in case you somehow managed to blow through the 6-cell’s charge in one sitting).

Oh, wait… the accessory kit has an optical drive? Yeah, this looks like a better deal.

Finally has everything this time with the 6-cell battery and accessory pack. Compared to when I got the 6-cell version without the accessory pack on woot ($230ish), the accessory pack comes out to +$50 compared to Amazon’s $92, though the carrying case doesn’t look as nice.

Still, it’s $50 a ultraportable DVD burner and a mouse with a nano-plug adapter, which isn’t bad.

As for the netbook, I’m happy as a clam with mine, provided that clams experience such an emotion, and in abundance.