Acer Aspire 15.6" Intel i7, 1TB HDD Laptop

I wouldn’t really recommend this laptop at this price even if it were new.

Its biggest issue is it has a 1366x768 display in a high enough price range that 1920x1080 is an option. 1366x768 resolution doesn’t let you fit much onscreen, and a 15.6" display makes things onscreen quite huge. Having 1920x1080 instead of 1366x768 will affect how nice a computer is to use far more than the differences between most other specs. Make sure you’re getting a decent display before you worry about other details.

It might look attractive due to its i7 processor, but this is a dual-core i7-branded chip that is only a few percentage points faster than an i5, not a quad core “true i7.” You will not notice the difference between this and an i5, but you will notice the difference getting a decent display.

This $379 option is better:

1920x1080 display (probably IPS), and everything else plenty well specced for normal computer use.