Acer Aspire 17.3” Dual-Core Notebook with Blu-Ray

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Acer Aspire 17.3" Dual-Core Notebook with Blu-Ray
$549.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Acer AS7540-1493 Aspire Athlon Dual-Core 2GHz, 4GB, 320GB, Blu-Ray, 17.3" HD+ LED, HDMI, Win7 HP 64

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Had my finger headed for the purchase button until I noticed the letters A, M, and D. :-\

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Actually, AMD gets higher overall ratings than the bigger (better known) Intel processors. Love the double sided write up though, very funny!

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What is with all these massive laptops these days? 17.3" is way past portable!

nice laptop. 2.0ghz is a bit weak imo, but the rest of the specs are very respectable. I’m impressed that its this price new as well. I agree though that I would never want such a big laptop but this could be good for a college student.

How’s this laptop for game play?

ZDnet (configuration varies - that’s the last 4 digits of the model #)


associatedcontent review

Unless you’re really into BluRay, take a pass on this. Laptops with better specs (processor, DDR3, etc.) are readily available online for $50+ cheaper, save that they’d usually have DVD-RWs instead of BluRays. You can actually probably find BluRay with, say, an i3 chip and other specs similar for about the same price or a little less even.

I don’t know anyone with BluRay… I’d rather have a faster processor, personally.

I’ve got an Acer desktop. Not a bad computer but I’ll never buy another Acer product due to their TOTAL lack of support for what they sell.

Just hope you never need any customer support if you buy this because you won’t get any.

I’m using a 17.3 Acer right now, same specs minus the blu-ray and I have a smaller hard drive. I’ve been very pleased with it. Only issue I’ve had, and it’s minor, is the acer eAudio manager sometimes causes the sound to become distorted.

Product website:

Enjoy, wooters!

I call duck tales on that. I’ve dealt with Acer before and was very pleased.

Someone bought 3? It’s early christmas somewhere…

Yeah, too big to fit in my 15" jean pockets. :frowning:

Yeah, I’ve read. But they run slightly better in some applications at the cost of temperature and power, both of which are very important things to consider in a laptop.

A hot chip = your laptop being a brick shortly after that 12 month warranty is up.

What’s the speed of the RAM on these? 533, 800?