Acer Aspire Athlon 64 Desktop Computer



Acer Aspire Athlon 64 Desktop Computer

$244.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference


I had an thanks


Why run a perfectly good puter with VISTA??? BAH! NEXT!!!


As many, many others will tell you, this is not a good deal. Hit up the Dell refurb section to get a helluva lot more computer for your $300.


PS2? how old are these refurbs?


Wow! Is that a PS2 mouse! Wow, 64 bit processor with 1980’s technology for the mouse.


Grow Up, w00t. How hard would it be for you to run a deal that actually included a 64-bit version of Vista? I mean, sure, you guys skimp as much as possible, but jeez, don’t brag about a 64-bit processor when you won’t pony up for a 64-bit version of Windows.


What kind of graphics card?


i thought they sold out last time?

i bought one, just as a secondary pc to tinker with.
no problems so far. i might make an arcade emulator out of it. with a case and everything.


Wow, just read a bit closer…not only is it PS2, but it has the vista home OS!!! Seems like building a combo BETA VCR with DVD player. Flintstones meet the Jetsons…


Um, why would you think woot has anything to do with installing an OS?

Woot: Take boxes in, update web site, mail boxes out.

See how that works?


Does anyone know if there are XP drivers available for the onboard sound/flash/video chipsets?


Most likely integrated. I wouldn’t play games or do anything graphics intensive on this kind of machine.


Bought this last time. Runs LinuxMCE 0710 BETA4 without a problem.


if you have issues on first power up:

basically connect the mouse and the keyboard before the power cord


If only it came with linux preinstalled…

I would still format it and put one on with just what I will use installed.


Yes, XP pro works fine on this box, all the drivers are available from Acer.

A few posts up another member linked the last sale, in that thread, I posted the link to all the drivers.

I got one of these for my parents to browse with, works fine. Added another hitachi 160gb disk and another gig of ram for about 75 shipped from Newegg.

In order to install XP w/ the ata controller in RAID mode you have to slipstream the drivers onto the XP CD


I wooted this last itme.

As a pile of parts for 244 it’s a great, GREAT buy for me as someone who builds computers for themselves/others and has spare parts around. The power supply is very low on extra connectors. Make sure you have some pin adapters for the newer cards that need the sixes. The processor has won awards on newegg and runs like a champ. VISTA is a fine program if you can use it right, but it simply takes too much of your system’s resources for this little rinky dink machine so make sure you have a copy of XP you can use on it or consider the price another eighty dollars higher.


Good deal, but not great. Dell sells Dual Core Vostro Slim 200 that are much faster for $399 shipped including 19 inch flat screen. Sell that screen on eBay for $150 and you’re at the same price as this Acer!