Acer Aspire One 10.1" 6 Cell Netbook Woot Info Post
I’ll take for $1000, Alex.

Acer Aspire One 10.1" 6 Cell Netbook [Refurbished] - $229.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Acer Aspire One D150/D250 10.1” Intel Atom 1.6GHz 1GB DDR2 160GB 6 Cell XP Home

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CNet’s reviews of the D150 and the D250

Might as well get this question out there. Anyone have any numbers on average battery life?

previous woot.

Had an Acer (very similar model) with exactly this processor and this much RAM; it can NOT stream 720p or 1080i, and it struggles mightly keeping up with 480i on, although 480i on YouTube worked fine.

I returned mine to Best Buy in less than 2 days, but this would be ideal for someone like my mother, at honestly a great price.

I have the 9 inch version… great little computer. It is plenty fast enough for everyday light use, and the keyboard is surprisingly large (supposedly 80% the size of a full keyboard).

I’ve read the 10 inch versions have a 90% keyboard. I should have waited a bit longer and gotten the 10 inch one back then, but I don’t regret buying it at all.

I mean… seriously. If you already have a 9 incher, then who is going to notice if you have a 10?

Average battery life, high use, about 4 hours.

Average battery life not using streaming video, bluetooth dongle tether to the internet, for work and music listening: about 6 hours.

Battery loss is about 5 percent per day when not charging, so if you leave it in your bag and forget about it over the weekend, you’re going to have about 2.5 hours of high use on Monday.

Works ESPECIALLY well with Windows 7 Starter Edition (you can pick up a OEM builder’s edition at Fry’s and the like for under $90.)

Myself, I love some of the changes that occurred in the models after this one, including the N450 processor, and the flush mouse area (just some raised dots on the plastic casing), which is running about $299 at Office Depot. The wife mostly likes hers, which she got from Woot, and admittedly, I’m slightly envious of her built in blue tooth (which I don’t think is on this model from Sellout.)

Overall, out of the box, it’s a dependable little laptop suitable for surfing, Hulu watching, media carrying (8gb ipods can cry in envy…) and working. Oh, and a little tip - the USB ports on the Aspire One are probably the highest speed connections I’ve ever had for dongles, but oddly, media card reading is actually slightly slower than I’m used to. Tip: Use an external card reader if you’re moving big files around.

that ones 3 cell batt. this is 6 cell. BIG DIFFERENCE

What do you think, is it worth the ~$90 to upgrade to Windows 7 or no? I think I would probably stick with XP if I got it but I’m wondering what you all would do.

Buy two of them and take your wife out to dinner- for the same price of an iPad with 16GB. :slight_smile:

got this model on WooT few months back. After 2 replacements, finally got a good one. Luv it. And, the six cell last 6 to 8 hours. Mouse pad fubar on the 1st two!

I bought one in a previous Woot a month or two back but had to return it because the button on the trackpad did not work. I read around on the Internet that this is a fairly common problem with this model.

While I liked the netbook otherwise, I ultimately decided not to buy another one. It is too underpowered to do much of anything but surf the web. When you take into account its small screen size though, web browsing was a pain. Not much of a webpage can fit on the screen, so you constantly have to scroll and scroll and scroll.

If that doesn’t bother you and you really have your heart set on a netbook, then go for it. This Acer is a good overall netbook (though now outdated by new models).

If you do buy it, I highly suggest you look at putting Jolicloud on it. It can install from Windows and will not erase your Windows partition. Another good (free) netbook OS is Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

I bought one back in December. I’m getting about 6 hours of battery life under light use. I use it for about 3 hours a day and sometimes more. The right click-button on the touchpad has worn out on it. Also, when it wakes up from sleep, sometimes the screen never turns back on.

I still love it, but I recommend grabbing a mouse to use with it so you don’t wear out the built in buttons.

I have one of these from Sams Club (I posted on a while back). The D250 is a great little netbook but the sound sucks. Very very low (even with headphones plugged in). Havent found a fix yet.

Your speakers just suck. Mine is actually too loud without aux speakers.

Yeah, for the other poster who said this sucks for everything but web browsing: That’s why this is called a netbook. Instead of dropping another $500+ on a secondary computer, I picked up a 3-cell Acer Aspire One from woot in December-ish so we don’t fight over the main computer. I play MMORPGs, update FB, check woot, shoot off emails… This thing does what is advertised.

Oh, with my 3-cell battery, I get 3 hours+ surf time. And find $5 mouse somewhere that if it gets lost/crushed/stolen/whatever, it won’t hurt to replace. The touchpad is a little… touchy.

I have a quick question about streaming video… I was going to connect this to a TV through a VGA and wanted to know if that would work well with the acer?

do you have any info on this

No, the graphics on this thing would not work well enough for that. The few times I have hit up the YouTube or Netflix, the video was ‘choppy’.

Bought this exact same netbook back in February during a woot off. Paid $224.99 for the model with the 3 cell battery so this is a bit better of a deal.

Been very happy with mine, and have had no problems, at least that I’ve found. My power button has a slight crack in it. But the crack doesn’t appear to run through the whole button, so i’m just careful not to press real hard and run the risk of making it worse. Definitely appears to be more of a cosmetic than a structural defect, but who knows.

I haven’t upgraded anything on it, but may do the ram from 1gb to 2gb. Right now I’m running Office 2007 on it without a problem. so it’s plenty fast for basic work related stuff. Might not be the best multimedia/gaming/CAD machine, but these netbooks have come a long way from the days of the original EEEpcs.

Certainly worth the price.


I highly suggest these RAM upgrades for the D150 and the D250