Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook with Accessory Kit


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Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook with Accessory Kit
$239.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished Netbook, New Accessory Kit

Product List:

  • Acer AOD250 10.1” N270 3 Cell Netbook with iHome IH-B936NR/IH-B934NB 3-in-1 Netbook Accessory Kit

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Got one of these in Jan for $219.99 with no ‘accessory’ kit. This little thing is a champ for what we need it to do.

However, not sure $20 more for the matching headphones and mouse is worth it. This thing has several usb ports already, so I am not sure what a 5-port hub adds to this thing, since it is not made to be a massive rig.


Easily upgradable to Vista and/or 7? I ask because XP will be extinct soon!


Good thing these come with a mouse because the touchpad is very sub-par on these netbooks.


I wonder a good deal about streaming video capabilities. Perhaps from now on I should read the review from Woot first.


N270 + 3 Cell… could you ask for less with a 10" screen?


These are great for travel, web surfing, basic usage… Not a supercomputer, but it’s not meant to be…


Why would you want to ? … Xp is fine on a netbook.


Have one with Bluetooth. LOVE IT! I got 2 for the kids too. I am a power user and I travel the world with it. I have the big battery (5-6 hours). Great on planes and weighs nothing. Grab it while you can… If you need something small and easy all of the negatives about the a small keyboard and track pad are no big deal compared to the amazing convenience. I used to pay this $$$ for RAM.


I have one and it’s great for the coffee shop and for keeping travel weight light, and it beats lugging around a big laptop, but for watching movies on hulu and netflix, not so much…


Previous Woot - 3-cell battery.


I downloaded a more specific driver for the touchpad (which enabled a few more settings) and I think it works great. Dunno why the driver didn’t come already installed, but it was worth the extra effort for me!


How does this compare to the Dell Mini 10v?


XP is fine, 7 is better.


I paid $279 a month ago for the six cell Acer with carry case, mouse and DVD.
Works great and the battery last forever.


windows 7 starter is a snap for those who want to upgrade and it runs well on it


How about linux? Which distribution works better in these?


i concur


Wooted a D150 6-cell in November. The third one they sent is working beautifully! Ima using it now! 6 cell battery easily lasts 7-8 hours. Networking is a snap. Luv it!!!