Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook with Accessory Kit

i do not aspire for this

Yet another Netbook.

I just bought one yesterday…but I got red.

Actually I’m not too bummed the accessories don’t interest me too much.

What’s a guy got to do to get a Roomba around here??? jeesh…


None have been sold, and theyre already out of the black? Then why even list it as an option on teh description?!

well if jesus is in for one then i have to be in for one myself!!!

i wont more dirt yo

Didn’t we just see this cr****appy netbook yesterday on the regular woot site? Apparently if it couldn’t sell out yesterday, then it needs to come back today to not sell out!

Witw… sorry, dupe post.

Oh come on, we all know Jesus is a Mac.

Bought my Dell Inspiron 15.6 for only $100 more…

I bought one yesterday…so I guess I won’t be buying this one today. :confused:

This barely edged out the chopping block for longest to first woot.

I bought three of these for my teenage kids in October with the 6-cell batterys. I upgraded them to 2GB of memory (about $40 each). They all still work/look great. Performance is very snappy, battery life is about 6-hours, and WIFI performance is good.

I highly recommend these.

Did anyone notice that the shot of the keyboard on the blue one shows a Bluetooth logo? The others don’t.

here is the rectangular chopping block everyone was wanting…

Better deals available for same $275, or $25 more.

Are netbooks even worth it to purchase?