Acer Aspire One 10.1" Netbook

The Acer website.

cnet’s review

I can has linux on dis?

The only thing stopping me is the video card. If I can’t play ut2k4 on it I just can’t buy it. Woe is me!

what’s the real world battery life on these?

Sorry, no DVD drive

How can I become a member of “a pretty select group of people”?

Awesome little machine. I’m using mine right now. It’s light and powerful.

will this run hackintosh?

Does anyone know if this little guy overheats easily?

Do any netbooks have DVD drives? I didn’t think it was exactly a standard feature.

Its a netbook not a gaming notebook… u wud be lucky if u can play solitaire on this… pretty neat machine for net usage

how many do they have?

Do these have the weird keyboard or is it set up normally?

I’m currently typing on my Dell netbook and love it. These 10 inch models carry a keyboard that is much easier to type on than the original eeePC netbooks.

Just know that netbooks are great for internet browsing, word processing, and very very light gaming (I play tons of Peggle and Plants V Zombies on mine) But other than that they carry very little RAM and don’t have a ton of power.

these books are excellent for internet and light applications. The battery life is suprising

its a netbook not a notebook

True, but for less than $100 you can buy a portable DVD/CDROM/RW drive. That’s what I did.

About a $100 cheaper than Amazon. That is for a new one though. Good ratings.