Acer Aspire One 10.1" Netbook Woot Info Post
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Acer Aspire One 10.1" Netbook [Refurbished] - $229.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Acer Aspire One D150 10.1” Intel Atom 1.6GHz 1GB DDR2 160GB 6 Cell XP Home

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$319.96 [new] on Amazon

here’s CNet’s review

Acer main page for this netbook…

Product Information & Support:


Got mine in August or therabouts, 6 cell battery is good for 8 hours.

Gave it the extra gig of ram but it hardly needed it.

would buy again.

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The RAM is very easy to replace on this one. On other models of netbooks, the steps required to replace the RAM made it so that the user voided manufacture warranty.

All in all, Acer has established itself as a quality netbook maker

Here is a list of reviews:

And of course your youtube video
(a comparison against another netbook)

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Ah - which color to choose? I bought a white one, since I knew I’d be using it outdoors in the summer, and I figured it would absorb the least heat.

$334.99 @ NewEgg
$298.009 @ Wal-mart
$269.00 @ eBay

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Think the 6 cell is key to making it worth wild. Good deal nice 90 day safety net and love the portablility.

Review 1 (

Review 2 (

Review 3(

Dayum, these are getting cheap.

This one’s a refurb, stop comparing it to new prices elsewhere.

this looks like a great value.

my netbook only has a 3 cell battery, wish i had this one.

and what is the deal with vampires sparkling ? why do they sparkle ?

You mean like this?