Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook



2 equals 20.2


Look a pothead.




Already own two… they are great… almost want to buy a third as a back-up…


And now netbooks


AND a bowl!


New for $260? Probably not.


Okay, so this is in the community and blog but not in todays woot… WTY? No wonder I can never get some goodies in a bag!


Has bag of carp come out yet?


what on earth is with the display pics in the screens?


Got two from earlier woots. I am satisfied with them. Nothing outstanding but functional.


Shouldn’t these be around $200 with 6-cell and accessory kit by now?


“■Three-cell Lithium ion battery up to 2 hours life (depending and usage)”

Come on woot, Grammer!!


Get this netbook the hell away from me.


Don’t forget this also has a camera, definitely better than an iPad!


Only 1GB of ram? I’ll pass. Still trying to find an upgraded memory that will actually work in the last netbook I purchased from here. The ones that are “supposed” to just give me a black screen when I turn the stupid thing on, lol


I might have gotten this if they included the 6-cell battery. Oh well.



bought one last week, still waiting on woot delivery (worst part about woot). Paid 239.

Hope it is everything you guys said it is


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I think I am going to pass on the Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook
I lack rhyming capabilities