Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook Woot Info Post - for topical use only

Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook [Refurbished] - $229.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Acer AOD250 Netbook 1.6Ghz, 1GB DDR2, 160GB HDD, 10.1” LCD, Webcam, Win7 Starter

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Woot’s trying to pound us into submission with rapid fire mode…

warmer, kinda

I’ve got one of these. Keyboard is small and stiff. Hmmmm. No, it’s not a good thing

I’ve been hoping to pick one of these up, but not very many come with 2GB RAM.

UGH!!! I’m Really about to go and do something Else…Go Somewhere with all theses ACER Computers

There’s been a lot of acer and polaroid lately :confused:

Boo give me my Ipod Touch already

more more more. I have already spent over 500.00

RAM is dirt cheap ($20-$40) and easy to install with netbooks

we broke it

still not even one sold…

They had a brand new Compaq netbook for $89 a couple days ago on

They also had a bunch of these netbooks for $250 at the microsoft store…

I would wait for a better deal…

and yea… this is ACER

So you’re saying you don’t like to be pounded into submission? …

I am using one of these right now using Ubuntu Netbook Remix and I loves it. It gets a bit warm when it is on for >1 hour, but it’s still an adequate computer. I can watch standard def tv and movies on it just fine.

roger that.

That would REALLY depend on who’s askin…

go back to the rapid fire

Watching Family Guy =)