Acer Aspire One 10.1” Netbook

This one has a 6 cell battery vs the 3 cell earlier this month. Definitely worth the extra $10.

I bought one of these off woot a while ago and love it. Windows 7 starter is perfectly adequate for the average user, and this netbook plays video and surfs the internet without any real hiccups.
My only gripe might be with the battery’s short life.
All in all, a good purchase and I’m glad I bought it.

Actually i’m using mine now from that day’s Woot. It has a 3-cell battery. So for $10 more3 you’re getting twice the battery life but not getting your choice of colors. I hate red but I’d of bought this one on the Woot Off if it hadn’t come up 2wks ago in Blue.

Purchased one of the refurb 9 cells off of sellout woot awhile back. Great little netbook. Be warned it has issues with Ubuntu netbook remix and the wifi adapter. The only things I don’t really care for are my gripes with netbooks anyway. Would recommend if this is what you’re looking for.

it says it comes with a 6 cell!!!

I have a similar Acer from a Woot sale about 2 months ago. Bumped to 2GB RAM and 6-cell battery, and it’s working great!