Acer Aspire One 11.6” Netbook

I’ve got the 10" woot offered a few months back. Just be sure you’ll actually use it. I’m currently selling mine, I almost never used it.

How long does a three-cell last?

Will this thing run Windows 7?

Cool! It’s Batman’s screensaver…

I think it might be time to get a new computer when a mid-range netbook has better specs than my desktop.

I’m sure it does.
But for the price of this plus Windows 7, you’re probably better off just buying a new one with Windows 7 on it…

And a few of the Z520’s on Buzzillions, with medium reviews.

in the description it claims up to a 4 hour battery life

Manufacturer’s page (permalink).

Absurdly long link still available.

here is a buyer’s guide i found. more like an extreme spec sheet.

2 hours if you are lucky

this laptop only seems good if you wanna be able to browse the nets, listen to music, and write poetry. lol.

For the price, it’s a nice deal.

Any paticular reason ?

Not very long. Friend has a Dell Mini 10 with a three-cell (couldn’t tell you the exact watt-hours) that gets him two hours at best: low screen brightness, Bluetooth off and light internet use (no YouTube or other Flash-based sights).

I’ve got a six?-cell on my Acer 10" and I get around six hours.

here’s the acer aspire website

I think Costco has this thing for $299

Woot must’ve been watching Conan tonight with his bat expert. Denis Leary is deathly afraid of bats.

Argh why cant this be the AS1410? I absolutely can’t get another Z520 after using the Dell mini 12, it’s just tooooooo slooooooooow. The screen and keyboard on this model are pretty fantastic though, at least for the few minutes I played with this model in BJs last month. Price is insanely low also, nice job woot. Please bring the 1410 on next :slight_smile:

The processor is ridiculously slow on these things. I played with one at Costco and was very disappointed. You can’t even scroll smoothly a web page with flash video playing on it (i.e. reading comments on youtube).