Acer Aspire One Cloudbook

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook

Got one last time and put Linux Mint on it. Works fine. But as a Windows 10 unit, there is simply not enough space to upgrade without jumping through some serious hoops.

I am not a Linux fanboy, but I find that Linux Mint very easy to install from a USB stick and everything on the Acer works. Plus there is no Cortana watching you and 99% of the software is free.

Some other Linux “distros” are a bit too much “under the hood” for my taste.

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Good to know that a graphical Linux works on it. I’ve seen a few other people mention that they run Ubuntu Server on it (i.e. command-line only, no GUI) because that requires less than 1 GB of RAM and only 2.5 GB drive space and you get a useful quick booting machine for things like network diagnostics, file transfer, light software development. Sounds like a decent deal for that.