Acer Aspire One Ultra Portable Notebook

Check out my review of the newest version of it:

Acer Aspire One AOA150-1447. Windows XP, 1gb memory, 160gb hard drive, 6 cell battery. I wouldn’t do without the 6 cell battery. Of course it is $100 more.

i saw someone who had one of these. they look awesome and have pretty good stats for a laptop of that size. I dont like laptops at all and this one was actually really cool

if you buy acer, you deserve what you get…i would refuse this even as a gift.

Linux OS means it’s not using Windows XP or Vista, right?

Dont buy. Staples has another 9" acer that has 120gb hardrive and good ole windows XP for just $349.00

…LIKE VISTA??? if it had vista, it would be worth the 300 bananas or whatever those republican wootinizers are charging over there in vietnam or wherever these crack filled packages come from!!!

Wow. Too bad I already bought an AOA150-1447 for $270 :wink:. These machines are cutting-edge portable, anyone looking for a versatile UMP should look no further. Acer FTW!

no you wouldn’t

Oh that’s cool, I was to buy one of these, but I’m going in with the XP version, it has a better battery.

Any one interested in this should check:


little summary:
cheapest Atom subnotebook; but! lack of upgrades:
to upgrade the ram (to 1.5gb max) you have to dissasemble it all. The SSD is in IDE and this model doesn’t come with the SATA soldered on. You will need to do some radical changes to put in a HD (in this model).
The SSD, there is 2 versions of it, Samsung and Intel, the intel have been reported to be slower. On the bottom, there a pci-e cover, but no pci-e connector inside.

Hope this help a litte

Excellent machine1 I just bought an XP version at Walmart last week for $328.00

I’ve used the OpenOffice suite extensively, especially the word processor, and it’s great… possibly the best deal in open-source software that there is (it’s a free download). No doubt you could transfer work done on this little machine with OpenOffice to the corresponding Microsoft applications on your Windows PC. All that being said, I would rather spend a little more and get a notebook running XP or VistaCarp with a DVD drive and a proper screen.

Pretty good CNET review, but it slams the battery life (2 hours).

A newer version with 1 gig and XP is only $349 with free shipping at Newegg. No deals here.


same one but with XP on is tigerdirect for $389

Good reviews at newegg:

I am so throwing the pre-beta of Windows 7 on this bad boy… just as soon as I up the ram a bit.

We got one of the 6 Cell kind from another retailer for 100 more. I have never been more pleased with a purchase. Compared to the EEEs, Acer’s build is a bit stronger. The keyboard is a tiny bit bigger also which is bare minimum for comfortable typing. It came with XP and a 160 gig drive. Still think I am going to woot tonight! How about one to leave in a vehicle for travel?

If only this didn’t have the SSD, I would totally buy. Sadly I’m no fan of the performance of the SSD vs regular old HDD. Plus having more storage means I could dual boot XP & Ubuntu!!!

Would’ve had me if it was the 160GB version.

The 12" powerbook is one of the greatest machines ever. It is easily one of the best highly portable computers, and was also very powerful. When I was in college I edited at 15 minute hd movie on one for my final project. Grant it, it wasn’t as fast as a Mac Pro, but it easily got the job done in Final Cut Pro.