Acer Aspire V3 15.6" Dual-Core Laptop

**Item: **Acer Aspire V3 15.6" Dual-Core Laptop
Price: $349.99
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Condition: New

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Glossy = fingerprint magnet.
Does this have a backlit keyboard?

Could I trouble somebody to answer this admittedly amateurish question:

would it be easy/relatively inexpensive to upgrade this to 750gb or 1tb hard-drive space? Looking for a new laptop to be the base for my huge library of family photos, movies, etc. (I have adequate backup but would also like it all on one computer drive.)

The easiest way to upgrade to a bigger hard drive would be to get a product like a disk imaging software utitlity like Acronis True Image. You then would need an external USB hard drive in order to copy the original image to. You would first use the utility to copy the current image to the external usb hard drive. Once this is done you would install the larger drive in the laptop, boot from the CD drive with the Acronis CD and then copy the image back to the new hard drive. Acronis has an option to extend the original 500gb image to the larger hard drive. There are other utilities that will do this and some are free. I purchased Acronis because I use it all the time to back up my computer’s images in case I have a hard drive failure. Hope this helps.

Not sure how inexpensive this would be if you don’t have the two hard drives you need. You would need to purchase an external hard drive big enough to hold the original image on and then the larger drive for your laptop. You might be better off looking for another laptop that has a bigger drive to begin with. Another option for you would be to just purchase an external usb drive to hold all your pictures on. You can purchase exernal 2.5 inch drives that don’t take up a lot of space on your desktop. The advantage of that is you can take your pictures with you and use them on any computer.

Most laptops have user-serviceable hard drives under a panel on the bottom that usually remove with a screwdriver. is a 750 GB HDD for $55 shipped after you enter the promo code EMCXMVN26. is for 1 TB but it’s $70 shipped after promo code EMCXMTX25.

The promotion ends tomorrow. $55 dollars isn’t bad for 750GB of laptop storage, but I would just wait for a 750gb-1000gb laptop to pop up cheap somewhere before buying this only to upgrade the hard drive.

is it available with win 7 home premium 64bit. cause win 8 is a deal breaker…Budb4

Same with me, I don’t want to jump through hoops and perhaps trick my warranty trying to get rid of a phone operating system on a computer. If I could get it with 7, or a backinstall to 7, I’d be hitting send on my order for one right now instead of explaining why I’m not buying it. It’s a great deal, except for W8.

As far as Windows 8 goes, some people may have some specific issues as to why it won’t work for them, but I think most people could get by just fine on it, especially with a minor modification.

I got a Windows 8 laptop a few months ago, and spent $5 on Stardock (free options are available as well), and I think most people would be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and Windows 7. It boots straight to the desktop and has a start menu in the lower left corner that looks just like Windows 7.

I haven’t had any Windows 8 haters try it yet, but I have had some non-tech people who had never used Windows 8 use it, and they never asked me any questions about how to do something - it worked nearly identically to the Windows 7 systems they were already familiar with.

@digitaleagle offers good advice above. Unless you are at least a bit handy with PC stuff, might be better to look for a laptop with a larger drive. But you won’t likely find a $350 laptop with a drive that large.

If you do want to replace this one’s hard drive, according to the Quick Start guide it does have a user-accessible door on the bottom.

Here’s the Quick Start Guide: (Be patient, it includes every language since Biblical times, is 33MB and 308 pages. But for all that trouble you get 11 thin pages of only semi-useful info)

BTW, I don’t like hiding links behind short names - too risky not knowing where you’re going…

@budb4 & @martybkc, good luck and best wishes finding a new Windows 7 laptop with these specs/$. They can be had, but it takes a fair amount of looking.

I too liked Windows 7 but except for some subtle under hood the stuff that won’t impact more than a few users, Windows 8 + a free plug in or the about to be released free 8.1 update works perfectly fine for most users.

I already purchased this 15.6" woot!plus asus which has Intel i5 dual-core and back-lit keyboard, then found Newegg which has no back-lit keyboard, but is 17.3", Intel i5 and new, and promo code 25OFFAUG30D still seems to take $25 off, for about 45 bucks more than the Woot!plus deal, which is turn 45 bucks more than this V3

No backlit keyboard. We will state in the features and/or specs if we know it is backlit. We know it’s a feature y’all like.

I figured as much. Might have been enough to change my mind today. I don’t need high performance these days, but I carry my current Acer laptop around so much lately that I think I should have a backup standing by.

This one on Woot! plus, woot!plus asus, has listed in its specs “Backlit Full-Size Island-Style with Numeric Keypad” and it has an Intel i5

@ThunderThighs, :wink: … Taking away all the “If only it had this … Or didn’t have that…” excuses will surely lead to amazing sales closures rates! :wink:

It’s always somethin’. LOL

I find it interesting that whenever Woot calls a laptop Dual or Quad core it’s always an AMD. If it’s Intel they advertise it as an i3, i5 or i7.