Acer Aspire V5 UltraThin 14" Laptop

**Item: **Acer Aspire V5 UltraThin 14" Laptop
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Win 8 but no touch screen is a fail.

Pretty comprehensive review here:

Seems like a nice basic computer. Includes a DVD drive (plus for some, minus for others). Has relatively low (but standard) screen resolution. Pretty nice form factor but low battery life. Definitely not a fast processor but adequate. Includes USB 3.0 as well.

Regarding the video above, that laptop is not only the 15" version (versus 14" being sold today) but it’s got much better specs in every capacity (processor, RAM, HD, graphics, etc). Be careful comparing the two directly.

Any idea if the CPU is soldered onto the motherboard or not? This could be made into a significantly better laptop with just a CPU upgrade.

Here’s CNET’s take on Acer’s V5-431 line:

Because this laptop has no touch-screen, Windows 8 is a valid concern and how much better it works with a touch-screen.

The fact that this is 64bit and can only be expanded to 8GB memory in this day and age shouts be careful… Add to that the CPU being a duo and I would say pass on it unless you are desperate or just want to use it to learn Windows 8 from the keyboard, or maybe just need it for Internet access.

A search online for strings “V5-431” MS2360 and “Service Guide” produces a PDF that shows all manner of disassembly, but nothing explicit about the CPU being a replaceable part, though it does have a section for compatible CPUs.

No idea what to tell you, but searching for MS2360 service guide may give you a better idea of what you’ll be up against.

Word of caution, the CPU does not appear to be accessible without ripping the whole thing open to get to the bottom of the mainboard.

This is a light-duty laptop. I don’t see why more than 8 GB memory would be needed for current applications.

Awesome write up, by the way…

A Pentium? Skip this one, processor has 0 worth and will only disappoint.

Picked up a Toshiba from staples for 300.00 then got a 50.00 rebate card. 6gb ram/ 750gb hd. Cheap unit but nice as a spare (2 kids in college). I think they are still onsale. C-55A was the modle. It came with win 8 but I backed it up, then wiped it out and put 7 on it. Runs like a champ.

I have looked all over and cannot find specifically the 431-4405. In fact, I have not been able to find a V5-431 of any kind on Newegg, BestBuy or Acer US. That is somewhat discomforting.


[]Windows 8 w/o touchscreen
]too heavy for an ultra-thin laptop
[]small resolution
]heavy and slow hard drive, instead of SSD
[*]Acer is not well known for utmost quality or high-value brand recognition

I am going to pass.

It’s a $300 PC!! “Processor has 0 worth” really?

Looks decent, anyone know if the graphics card is replaceable, or is that welded to the motherboard? I’m considering getting this for my brother who is going to be studying architecture in college, and needs something to run basic Autocad.

Am I wrong here? This sure seems like a decent deal for someone looking for a thin laptop for travel, basic word processing, watching movies, etc. IDK if it qualifies as ultra thin but it’s not thinkpad thick.

If those are your objections then why mention Windows 8 specifically? ESC has never exited an application on any version of Windows I’ve ever used. Now, I’ve never used Windows 8 so if you tell me that you can’t Alt-F4 out of an application and you can’t Alt-Tab between applications then that would be a valid complaint.

As for the news application, haven’t the freebee apps in every version of Windows been mostly junk? The Paint app in Windows 3.x-7 is no competition to Photoshop, the Calculator app is no competition to Mathematica, Sound Recorder is no competition to Cubase/Live/ProTools and the DVD maker isn’t serious competition to Premiere, Vegas Pro, Lightworks, etc.

I don’t think I’ll buy this laptop because I value long battery life and high screen resolution, but unless you have reason to believe that this laptop won’t allow me to install all the same applications I have on my WinXP and Win7 computers there’s no point in harping on your dislike of Win8.

If Woot offers a light laptop with at least six hour battery life and at least 1920x1200 screen resolution I’ll buy it even with Windows 8 and as long as everything I do on Win7 still works I won’t care if I never use anything in Win8 that’s not also in Win7.

lobster cookie.

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