Acer Athlon Dual Core Small Form Factor PC

Is this mac compatible??


I will never understand how these AMDs compare to Intel technology. As far as I am concerned, they might as well be powering scientific calculators.

Do Not Want!

I’d get it if I hadn’t built myself a new computer a few months ago.


now i know what state johnjr1 lives in, thank you woot info.

You know, zombie-to-bacon ratio IS very important…

More importantly, can a Roomba fit under this?

Welcome to the wacky world of Woot censorship!

An Athlon? Is this 2003?

i only use AMD & they work great for my needs.

Ok, I give… why 64 bit OS when it only has 3 gig of mem?

Well, its amazing windows was designed to run on intel processors. The fact that AMD makes something that runs it as good and on occasion, better than Intel, its amazing.

Intel may have a faster processor, but money talked, AMD is always cheaper. And anyways, only COD retards care about those 4 extra frames a second.

Ooooops! Sorry WOOT, I forgot the rules. Nice catch.

BIG thumbs down on this product. We had a 99% HD failure rate on the 20 we bought of these within 3 months…and the service was the worst I have ever experienced. We just informed our rep that we will not be purchasing anymore (we were going to buy roughly another 300). Acer needs to stick to the laptop/netbook market please.

Hey, it wasn’t that long ago that AMD had the excellent Athlon 64 X2 and Intel had the overheating and blah (though with great clock speeds for advertising!) Prescott Pentium 4.
I understand that AMD is still viable in the low to midrange segment.

This is good as a second computer for the family or GF. Wouldn’t buy it if your sole purpose in life is to play games.

…or stay on the phone with customer service for 2 hours…

this is a 6 core AMD for the same price as a 5 core intel.

mind you both alone cost MORE than this rig.