Acer Athlon X2 Desktop

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Acer Athlon X2 Desktop
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Acer AM1201-BE5001A Athlon X2 2.6Ghz, 3GB, 320GB, DVDRW, VHP

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Alright, done now. Night!

ug. more com*4ters

I hope Woot doesn’t mind if I just take the computer since it’s free, I’ve got so many mice I don’t think I need to buy another one of those $249.99 mice.

Hmm anyway to just get the $250 mouse, I must admit it is quite badass, It’s even wired! Sweet!

You forgot the free keyboard.

Acer + Vista + 32 bit OS + 3 gig max RAM + Integrated Video = Thanks but no thanks.

damn so is this a deal to get or not? lowest price i seen on google was 350 used

I’m actually looking for a computer and Woot has been teasing me all day. Netbook here, laptop there, now a desktop.
I know it’s WOOT and all but would like to see a nice machine worth buying.
Nice=can play newer games

At least according to ACER, there is Win7 drivers.

Looks like the case has a tumor on the front.

Whatever woot copy writers are getting paid, it ain’t enough. This woot-off has had some of the funniest descriptions I’ve seen here.

id add a 9800GT with a 600watt psu and well… new os?! i have all of it i just dont know if id go with the dual core! might just wait for a quad… does this even have a pci-e ? lol

Woot really needs more fun items for the Woot Off next time. Pretty boring seeing computers 85% of the time.

Okay fine

i need computer moniters ugh…How long must i wait

Would make a great file server, print server, or office PC. Not everyone in this world is playing Call of Duty. Its a step up from a $200 Atom-based PC.

▲ ▲

definitely still waiting on a bag of crap