Acer C720 11.6" Dual-Core 16GB Chromebooks

Acer C720 11.6" Dual-Core 16GB Chromebooks

Chrome updates expiration last year?! No thanks!

A collection of 10 and 11 inch chrome books that no one wants…13 inch screen is a minimum for most…MacBook Air type size at a minimum with a quality LCD for most…Storage and processor are obviously less important to the cost conscious…

STAY AWAY. Updates ended last year.

Decent machine to install linux on, but you could pick these up refurb for this price in 2014. Lacks expandable memory like the non-touchscreen C710 has.

While it’s easy to stick a larger hard drive in this model, unless you’re planning on putting Linux on it or installing CloudReady or Chromefy, there’s no point in buying a C720 now that they’re EOL on official updates. Damn shame, too, because they were an excellent machine for home usage.