Acer C738T 11.6" 2-in-1 Touch Chromebook

I’ve got to take a moment to mini-rant here.

Microsoft does it. Apple does it. And Google does it. Planned obsolescence. Now I understand they can’t maintain old software lines forever and keep up with advancement but one of the reasons we have the security problems we have is there are so many still viable older devices that don’t get updates but still otherwise work just fine. People can’t afford new devices every 2, 3 or even 4 years in America (or most other countries if any).

I really think it should be mandatory to support operating systems with security updates for 10 years. Stop adding features or upgrades, fine, but security should be a priority in 2021. I think that’s clear, but there’s no real accountability because it’s cheaper for companies to let bad things happen to us and pay out than it is to fix things properly. Consumer driven economy indeed.

Ok rant over. Thanks for reading. If you actually did! :slight_smile:

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The problem is “zero day” exploits of previously unknown software vulnerability - by evil people as well “white hats” who think you want them to prove your device is flawed. No one asked them to do so and they need to realize it is actually far from desired. The companies make what they do with literally thousands of lines of code while others do their best to find vulnerabilities. With hundreds of companies in the last 2 weeks being hit with a ~$70 million in ransomware that they want paid specifically with Bitcoin. The criminality is out of control. It may force governments to try to ban Bitcoin (like China already seems to be doing) or make examples of those caught as the Biden administration seems to want to do.

As for support for 10 years, that would be nice but they are actually not under obligation to do so when processing speed literally goes up 100 fold in less than that time. The technology advances beyond recognition even if we do not. CPU generations are about 4 years in duration. And the sad reality is no one knows if you have a fixed income or did not save 14x your annual salary before daring to try to retire. Few seem to read enough about this though it is amply described. A lot of people are going to find the winter of their lives very bleak.

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That is interesting.

My initial comment was more about using the web apps (Google Docs / Sheets / etc) than android apps but you also make a valid point; sometimes android apps are easier to use than the “full” version of something (Microsoft Office).

I really think it should be mandatory to support operating systems with security updates for 10 years. Stop adding features or upgrades, fine, but security should be a priority in 2021.

100% with you. How would you feel that, if they couldn’t provide support, they bought out the item? Possibly prorated.

Are Google and others trying to ensure that their still currently supported devices are sufficiently evolved to be less vulnerable to zero day exploits? Recent events show levels of attack (supply chain and strategic nexus) that used to be considered state agent level of sophistication. It is not simply script kiddies using tools. It goes beyond local system architecture attacks and results in lock down of companies that common everyday folk who did no harm to their nation depend on. A coldness towards others that ignores harm done to the innocent. One can ridicule and blame the UK National Health System for using XT’s but one has to remember that it is basically a nonprofit that is hemorrhaging and they put money into care instead of IT. France, Japan, Taiwan have excellent health care - all bleeding debt. How much they devote to IT upgrades comes from the same budget for purchase of medications for the poor.

I’m sure they are; Google has a major interesting being able to prove that their devices and software are secure.

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