Acer Computers

Can someone please give me a reasonable explanation as to why all the 17" laptops on Woot have 1600x900 displays, rather than FullHD 1920x1080? If I wanted a 1600x900 I would buy a 15", it is just plain stupid to put that in a 17" and the laptop manufacturers are clearly a bunch of cheap bustards for doing it! Guess that is why they are on Woot in the first place, no one wants that garbage!

Awwwww, that hurt. We look for laptops with higher resolution but they are harder to find.

I bought one of these C7DE 11.6 notebooks last Christmas from a big box retailer (Red), I have been pleasantly surprised.

The unit is pretty expandable, I have an 8GB RAM module and a 500GB Seagate Hybrid drive from my spare parts bin installed and found a cheap mini AC wifi adapter that are working great.

The keyboard though is a different story, its like typing on mashed potatoes and the screen can get a little fuzzy after a while. The trackpad on mine isnt always very precise either.

I have this unit presently hooked up to a Kensington USB 3.0 dual display dock, and it works well. I can watch 720p video without any glitches on my DisplayLink screens.

Battery life has been in the 4-6 range, nowhere near as good as my C720 Chromebook, but still pretty respectable.

All in all, I think I would do this again.

Does either the C7DE or the Switch include Office? I know the Switch is available NEW @ Costco for $90 more with 1 year Office 365. I’m trying to decide amongst those three options.