Acer ICONIA A200 10.1" Android Tablet

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**Item: **Acer ICONIA A200 10.1" Android Tablet
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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TONS of solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

why bother with such an outdated tablet at such a high price? for $30 more you can get the new Nexus 7

sd card expansion, full size usb, 10" not 7"…

Agreed, it’s old by new standards, but still a handy device.

Just START with a 7" device is not a 10" device. Many people prefer a bigger screen. THEN you add expendable storage via microSD Card and USB port (without dongles).

I know this is HERESY, but the Nexus 7 does NOT fit all needs/wants. I prefer 10" myself.

I actually expected someone to make your comment, but maybe just a bit later.

Agree the price is too high…Have had an A200 for several months purchased WAY below that…Only problem is a single camera so you are kind of guessing the subject location…Suggest you check that Far East market for a folder with built in real keyboard…Mine was $20 delivered…The A200 has two USB ports and you might have to modify the folder a bit for access…I cut off one of the folder tabs and stuck some Velcro on the back instead…Works fine…

Here are some reviews from TigerDirect

All the cool kids have quad cores…
…just sayin’ ya’ know!

I got one from woot about a year ago. It was good until I bricked just last week. I’m still working on that last bit. As far as a 10" tablet for the price, I haven’t seen better yet.

Tegra 2 is very VERY slow. I just picked up a used Asus TF300 with Tegra 3 which is acceptable as it’s for my KID. Personally I’m leaning towards getting one of the new Tegra 4 based tablets coming out soon for myself.

I had an A100 (the 7" version) that I bought as refurb 9 months ago for $130, and while a little slow, I loved mine until the same thing happened.

In my case it was the EMMC card, and it was, sadly, not recoverable in any way.

I’m between jobs, so I can’t justify a new one right now.

But enough about me.

This tablet should upgrade to 4.0.3 right out of the box. Shame it only has the front-facing camera (mine had a 5MP rear as well).

I don’t know how much better you can do in this price range on a 10", but if 7" would get the job done (MUCH easier to type in portrait on a 7", and it will fit in the back pocket of most jeans), you can definitely do much, much better.

I have one of these and I’ve been happy with it. But this price is about what I paid for mine over a year ago, and mine is the 16gb version.

My son has an A100 just a little over a year old and it also died, the EMMC chip is defective and cannot be recovered. Check around the internet because I believe the A200 uses the same chip.

My wife and I each bought one of these at Christmas time. They were refurbs from Wal-Mart online.

I really like mine. I also found a case that has a keyboard built in really cheap at Amazon. Screen protectors cheap there too.


-Dual core is decent
I don’t play many games but here are things I know work:
-Need for Speed
-Hulu Plus

-USB connection lets you hook up a flash drive or a keyboard, mouse, etc.

-The “Acer Ring” is widget is slooow. I turned mine off.
-It’s a little heavy after a while if you are laying on your back

-The screen is “new” enough that you don’t see the pixels most of the time. I mean, I have tried older tablets where you could see horizontal lines and see where the LED panels are connected. This screen is def not retina, but it is decent for the price!

-Camera is not great, BUT it is good enough for skype!

Overall: Recommend for a cheap tablet that at least has a dual-core, screen that doesn’t hurt your eyes, looks decent, and has Droid 4.

By the way… I think $150-$175 would make more sense for the price of this item… It is dated.

This is at least $50 too high considering what is out there now. You can buy a Nook HD+ 1920x1280 display for $149 new from many places including B&N
You can either root it yourself, or spend $20 more and have a dual boot tablet with jellybean the easy way I have used this and it works well, especially if you want to preserve the nook OS for now.

Todays offering is a decent tablet, my kids have the A500- which is the fancier version of this, but basically the same screen and processor. The tegra 2, though dated, still performs pretty well despite what others are saying, games and plays movies fine. This tablet should be selling in the $140-$150 range

edit: This is only an 8gb tablet, it should be selling for $130-$140

The 10" screen and the ports are the only interesting features on this. Way too much money considering newer offerings in the 7" tablet realm. For $50 less there’s an ASUS MemoPad with a Tegra 3 processor and the Nexus 7 for a little more will easily outpace this puppy.

  1. Make a list of your desired feature set.
  2. Prioritize it into “Deal breaker” and “Nice to have” items.
  3. Find the tablets you can afford with all your deal breaker items.
  4. Pick the one that best balances price with “nice to have” items.

Would you still buy this one? Homework, people!

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The boss read your posts and rolled into a ball crying. Once we calmed him down, he agreed to lower the price to $179.

Now, let’s try to cheer him up by buying a tablet… or three!

If you already purchased, fear not. Money will be flying back to your pockets soonish.