Acer ICONIA A200 Tablet these seem to be on deals woot for 169.

[MOD: That is an 3.2 Android with 8GB. Ours is 4.0 Android with 16GB (TT)]

i stand corrected, this is the 16gig model, the other is 8

I recently got the 16gb a500 refurbed and am super happy with it. I think the only difference between the a200 and a500 is the a200’s lack of a rear camera and lack of an HDMI out. The lack of HDMI would be a dealbreaker for me with the a200, but if that’s not important to you then I highly recommend it.

There’s a world of difference between a 10 inch tab and a 7 inch tab, for those trying to compare this apples-to-apples with the Nexus 7. The Nexus also doesn’t have HDMI out, which is important to some people.

Not necessarily. The Nexus is only 8gb for $199 so you have to get the $249 to get the 16gb. Don’t even THINK about the Nexus at 8gb it’s too small. This also has an SD expansion which the Nexus doesnt’ have.

I like the Nexus when I saw it, but it is far too limited. Google is pulling an Apple on you.

I dunno, I guess the way I use my tablets, the space just doesn’t make a big difference anymore, so long as there’s enough room to install apps on it. Whether 8, 16, or 32GB, it’s not enough space to really store anything (32GB MAYBE for a decent audio collection, video is out). So I’d rather just stream everything.

It’s also worth noting that Android tablets are different than Android phones in that you can’t move or install apps to the SD card. So you’re stuck with the internal storage it comes with when it comes to app storage.

The microSD would be for media like movies, music, etc.

I’ve had 2 of these, one DOA and the next died completely within the first week’s use. I won’t spring for a 3rd.

Typing this on my Nexus 7. This looks like a good deal for a net device.

The thing that seems to be overlooked- and really sets this tablet apart- is the “Full-Size USB 2.0 Port.” You wont find that in many other tablets and definitely not on a Nexus 7.

Great for watching video, moving files quickly or using an external controller. It mounts NTFS formatted drives (high capacity). There are some reviews showing use of external keyboards and even gaming controllers.

[youtube=0tdIjah7kEE][/youtube] Here is a 20 minute review with over 50k views and a lot of upvotes. Oh It’s also for the correct model woot :stuck_out_tongue:

If that one is too long for you and you’re down for a challenge check out this video. Took me a minute to adjust to the accent but it’s pretty a good review.


I see that it has a USB 2.0. My wife travels abroad and some hotels only have RJ45 ethernet. Will a USB ethernet dongle work with this tablet?

Probably. Android is just an application running on an underlying Ubuntu Linux, so it works with whatever USB devices Ubuntu has a driver for. You’ll have to try it to be sure, but I have a cheap Android 2.3 tablet and it recognized everything I plugged into it so far, including flash drives, Bluetooth adapters and network adapters.

I’m not so sure about that. Discussion about that here:
Looks like it might potentially work with some adapters but can’t find any absolute confirmation.

Ok, let me see here, 7" vs 10", 8gb vs 16gb… i was only glancing but i am sure that is just the begining… got one last time it was here for my birthday, love it

If that was the case, why did you spring for the second. They do have guarantees for things like that

I bought one of these from woot. I love it! Great performer. I dont wanna drop 300-400 on a tablet, yep I’m a cheapskate. I was considering putting cyanogen on it, but ICS is smooth in and of itself.

I have several tablets (none are today’s deal though) and I will say that if you need something that can do most of what laptops/net books can do, but don’t need the harddrive space, then a tablet is a good, cheaper alternative. Tablets are also more robust than laptops/net books are, where kids are concerned.

I have this and a Nexus 7. I think that you should just go with the Nexus 7.

This was deal of the day about a month ago, purchased one, received it, set it up and then it froze and wouldn’t do anything. Called Acer and they wouldn’t honor 90 day warranty for this refurbished unit. woot refunded after two weeks. Buyer beware.

I bought a Motorola Xoom tablet from woot a few months ago, it is running Ice Cream Sandwich and I am able to move apps to the SD card.