Acer ICONIA A200 Tablet

I have several tablets (none are today’s deal though) and I will say that if you need something that can do most of what laptops/net books can do, but don’t need the harddrive space, then a tablet is a good, cheaper alternative. Tablets are also more robust than laptops/net books are, where kids are concerned.

I have this and a Nexus 7. I think that you should just go with the Nexus 7.

This was deal of the day about a month ago, purchased one, received it, set it up and then it froze and wouldn’t do anything. Called Acer and they wouldn’t honor 90 day warranty for this refurbished unit. woot refunded after two weeks. Buyer beware.

I bought a Motorola Xoom tablet from woot a few months ago, it is running Ice Cream Sandwich and I am able to move apps to the SD card.

This has a 90-day Woot warranty. If you have any issues, you should contact, not Acer.

(Sorry you had problems with your Acer. :frowning: )

OK, that’s just plain wrong, my friend. You absolutely CAN install apps to a removable sdcard IF you have one in the unit. The thing is, the Nexus does not have removable storage.

I contacted Woot and they said all they could do was refund as they didn’t have anymore. Acer called me a few days after I sent it back and said they were wrong and that it was under warranty. Since I had already sent it back I couldn’t get them to repair. Wish they hadn’t told me it wasn’t under warranty when I called them to begin with after woot advertised a 90 day manufacturer warranty. At least woot backed it up and refunded my money :slight_smile:

Is this manufacturer refurbished or seller refurbished?

I bought one of these about a month ago. It seems to be working just fine. However, while playing videos from YouTube it couldn’t keep up and I needed to watch the videos on my laptop instead.

$30 cheaper today at Ben’s Outlet, + free shipping–makes for a $35.00 savings.

[MOD: That is an 3.2 Android with 8GB. Ours is 4.0 Android with 16GB (TT)]

But 8GB at Ben’s. This one is 16GB.

Again, that’s the Android 3.2 model with 8GB. The one on Sellout is Android 4.0 and 16GB.

untrue…you can move your apps to an SD card. I just bought a 16 gb card for my polaroid tablet, and i had to tweak a system setting to get it to recognize it - now all my apps are on the extsd card

Yes - I use mine for Hulu all the time. I LOVE this thing!

I have been looking to buy a tablet but I don’t know what kind to get. I just want to use the internet, play some games, read books, and download apps.
I was thinking about getting one of those budget 7 in tablets for like a $100. Would this be a better deal? Are the 10 in tablets easy to hold?

I loaded all of my media files to the Cloud. Google and others offer for free, no need to store on your tablet unless you plan to use it where there is no wifi. I just use my ipod for that. There is always Pandora also.

I have this exact tablet, and for extensive internet browsing the 10 inch display is almost a “must have” for me. But I find it’s really too big and heavy to hold in one hand for reading books. So I’m thinking of getting one of the cheapie 7 inch for that. Just my opinion, but: for occasional light internet use, frequent book-reading and better portability - get a 7 inch cheapie. For frequent internet use, fastest operation, running multiple apps at once - get something like or better than this 10 inch Acer.

Can you play Facebook games on this? Such as Words with Friends or Cards? What about watching videos from Netflix?

Bought one a month ago on Woot and use it primarily as you are planning to. Mine has been great and I prefer the size for browsing. Easy to hold and got a cheap case that works well as a stand. Really tempted to get another but kind of broke right now.

We bought this in the woot off , and it is at least okay. Ice Cream Sandwitch and all. I was disappointed that it does not charge from USB - the proprietary charger surprised me.