Acer ICONIA A200 Tablet

This is stupid, you guys aren’t shipping to Alaska. You guys are retarded to only have one shipping option. These deals are great and can’t be beat, give us the option to pick a shipping payment so we can get in on this too.

Not trying to be a jerk here, but if you could identify some of those variety of sources for chargers, I would be grateful. I’ve looked, and aside from a couple of ebay chargers (one of which I bought and didn’t work), and pricey OEM, I haven’t found a replacement for this oddball 12V charger with a tiny 2.5mm OD barrel connector.

I’m pretty sure that’s because of usps. The whole lithium ion battery thing.

Yep, prices keep going down just like earlier this week on the 1Saleaday web site had this same Acer Iconia A200 8GB Tablet computer for $160 + $5 Shipping on July 15th, 2012.


“1SaleADay has 8GB Acer Iconia Tab 10.1” Android Tablet (Refurbished A200-10G08U) for $159.99. Shipping is $5."

:slight_smile:, Acer’s website, and Walmart have all had the item in my experience. You might be able to find it on eBay, too. I now have three chargers; one for travel/home, one for home, and one for work.

That’s not what Android is at all.

Android is a complete operating system based on the Linux kernel. It has no connection to Ubuntu whatsoever.

An Amazon Marketplace seller offers both the car charger and AC one for about $15 each.

Really, the USB charging might make a nice backup, but for bigger tablets it’s just too slow. 5v at 500mA (standard USB charging) is 2.5 watts. The charger for my Thrive tablet is 19v at 1.58A, or 30 watts.

For me, best item description in a while, outside of xvi.

Kudos, woot writer.

I bought this on July 20th and the status 3 days later is still “Awaiting shipping”. This is my first woot so I’m curious if this kind of delay is normal?

I have bought from Woot before and they shipped pretty quick. But i also bought this on the 20th & mine also says “Awaiting Shipping” so its not just you…

I got this yesterday but with 3.2 verson. I tried several time to update it manually and nothing. How can i update this tablet to ICS? Thinking to return it

Mine came with 3.2 also. How do you update?

I also received the A200 with 3.2. I attempted to do the OTA update with no success. I have emailed to determine a remedy. It clearly stated that this device was to come with ICS, not simply be upgradeable to ICS…

BEWARE buying ACER refurbs!
ACER, apparently, is OK with “someone” doing the refurbs (they’re actually shipped in ACER iconned boxes) BUT, you will NOT be allowed to register the product with ACER and they will provide NO SUPPORT on the refurb (think OS updates, a fast moving area in Android land).
My experience with ACER is that they have good tech people designing and building their system but LOUSY Support (this is not the first time I’ve crossed swords with Support but it may be the last).
When I bought this system (Iconia Tab A200) I was seriously considering buying a Google Nexus 7 - I guess I made the wrong choice, this time, but I’ll do better in future.

I received a response from They were only able to offer a refund of the purchase. So, instead I was able to find instructions on how to update to ICS. Follow the steps on this page by user Eaglarion and this will get your 3.2 A200 upgraded to ICS 4.0.3. I was able to do it with no issues in about 5 minutes.

Acer is NOT providing support on refurbs (see my posssst regarding LOUSY ACER support). Apparently the folks to contact (according to ACER) are LSI:
Phone 1-877-330-6820
Acer seems to be OK with “someone else” providing refurbs - but NO ACER SUPPORT (bad news if there are any updates, presumably).

NOT by ACER - the ACER Web site will NOT allow registration; communication with Acer (so-called) “Support” confirmed NO SUPPORT from ACER.

These have a 90-day Woot warranty so please email for assistance.

Thank you so much for this! Mine came with 3.2 out of the box as well; I upgraded it to 4.0.3, and it’s a much better experience.

I got mine yesterday. It has Android 4.0.3, so I don’t have the updating issue. But I can’t connect to my wifi at home. It keeps saying “obtaining IP address.” I went to the library and connected there just fine. Came back home and . . . nothing. I searched online and it seems that others are also having this problem. I have tried several suggested fixes (rebooting the router, resetting the tablet) and none of them worked. My laptops at home connect to the wifi just fine. But the tablet will not. :frowning: If I can’t find a solution, I’m going to have to send it back for a refund.