Acer ICONIA A200 Tablet

We bought this in the woot off , and it is at least okay. Ice Cream Sandwitch and all. I was disappointed that it does not charge from USB - the proprietary charger surprised me.

Totally disagree… what little acer added to ice cream does not hinder any of the experience and I love the capability to take screenshots without needing to root the device.

Buyer beware of what? You got your money back. You didn’t follow protocol for the return, but Woot took care of you in the end. Nothing is worse than someone complaining when there is nothing to complain about. You got a lemon. Oh well.

I pondered that before I got it on eBay Daily deals for 190 but it hasnt bugged me and I use mine like crazy especially for draw something, which is a battery juicer,and I can go all day on a single charge. I just plug it in when I go to bed.

For the record, it seems that’s pretty common for tablets: my nexus 7 will only trickle charge from usb with the screen off (yes, i’m sure, it tells you in the quick start guide.)

The problem is tablet sized battery vs the 500mA max current on a USB port: the charger that came with the device is 2A, so you can see the disparity. Even USB 3.0 only takes you to 900mA, so don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

Is the charger big and bulky?
That’s kind of surprising it doesn’t charge with USB since most of them do.

Lovin’ my Toshiba Thrive 10.1" tablet w/full size HDMI, USB ports and 2 cams. Got mine with 16GB for $209. Toshiba Docking station is only $22 with HDMI & 2 USB ports on Amazon. Oh, did I mention the Thrive also has a user replaceable battery?

Having owned both 7" and 10" tablets, I’d say there’s pros and cons for both. My 10" is a media center when docked using a wireless USB keybrd & mouse. My 7" goes on the road with me.

I am typing this comment on an Acer Iconia Tab A200. I really like the tablet! I’m using it as a PC replacement on a vacation, and it has come in handy several times already. The USB connection is pretty cool, as it can handle a variety of accessories: hubs, memory sticks, even game controllers. The lack of a camera makes some apps incompatible, but I have been able to find a replacement for one of the apps on the Amazon Kindle App Store.

I am definitely not disappointed with this purchase. I was a little bummed out by the shipment time when I bought the device, but that was only because I was so excited to get the tablet as soon as possible (it took about five days). It is worth the $200, and few tablets can compare to the feature set for the price.

I have one and honestly if I had a spare $200 I would buy another one. I love this tablet. As for watching video, I have streamed netflix will no problems. It’s a great tablet at a great price.

Yes. The prongs don’t fold, and they stick out of the wider face in the charger making it a pretty bulky little blob. Check out Woot’s picture. The extra thing with the prongs snaps in, providing USA compatibility. I suppose you could un-snap that piece to reduce bulk, but now you have another piece to lose.

Maybe with other tablets, but i have this and it will not move apps to sd card!

Already tried my luck with a tablet before that didn’t include a USB based charger (fortunately I’d bought one for the kids and could loan them mine). Even if it requires more than the 500mA a PC can supply, it’s far easier to buy a replacement high-power USB wall converter and cable than to hope the manufacturer has extra proprietary chargers.

No reason to hope–they do, and they’re readily available from a variety of sources. I found a couple on clearance at Walmart for $15. To be fair, the additional chargers are considered “travel chargers”, so their cables are much shorter.

Additionally, the wall charger is included in this package. Its size is about the same as other wall chargers. I guess the lack of USB charger could be a deal-breaker for some, but the battery life is good enough, and the charger small enough (the outlet plug can be disconnected for storage) that carrying it along with the tablet isn’t that big of a deal.

Picked up this same tablet as a deals.woot item a couple of weeks ago.

Very affordable for a 10" tablet (can’t compare this to Google Nexus, which is 7")
Rubberized back
Fairly slim
Doesn’t feel as heavy as the numbers claim, but still feels sturdy
Screen is normally pretty responsive
ICS out of the box with only light skinning

Underpowered processor
Bloatware (some is useful…Netflix and Amazon App Store are preinstalled, for example)
Pixel density
Proprietary power cable and flimsy power jack
Weak Wi-Fi performance
Slow screen refresh rate (but not painfully so)
Underpowered speakers

I don’t regret buying this. For the price, it’s a solid device.

Any way to power this from a 12V auto source?

As MANY have already pointed out…
That is 8GB w/Honeycomb. The Woot! tab is 16GB with ICS.

I borrowed a friends 7" Samsung tab for a bit and found the screen to be too small for my liking. It didn’t really “feel” all that much better than just browsing on my EVO.
I ended up grabbing a 10" Acer Iconia and absolutely love it. I use it almost exclusively and my poor laptop is getting lonely on my desk. I don’t find the form factor to be cumbersome but I’ve got fairly big hands. I did buy a RooCase for it which doubles as a stand. It has 3 levels of “tilt” so I can adjust it for sitting on my lap, the arm of the chair, or on a table, but even when I’m just walking around I have no problems holding it in one hand and aiming Jelly Wars with the other… No regrets at all.
Go for the 10"!!!

This is stupid, you guys aren’t shipping to Alaska. You guys are retarded to only have one shipping option. These deals are great and can’t be beat, give us the option to pick a shipping payment so we can get in on this too.

Not trying to be a jerk here, but if you could identify some of those variety of sources for chargers, I would be grateful. I’ve looked, and aside from a couple of ebay chargers (one of which I bought and didn’t work), and pricey OEM, I haven’t found a replacement for this oddball 12V charger with a tiny 2.5mm OD barrel connector.

I’m pretty sure that’s because of usps. The whole lithium ion battery thing.