Acer ICONIA A200 Tablet


I hear the kids like these!

tooooooo funny

FAIL!!! :chaching:

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Acer ICONIA A200 Tablet
$199.99 + $5 Standard OR $20 One-Day OR $12 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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What’s the word on these?

Sick! You can get a Nexus for the same price!

What the heck woot. I want a bag of crap!!!

Woot, you are such a tease.

Also, these things are heavy as all hell!

Shouldn’t this be in the bag of crap?

It’s got better specs, but they aren’t the same screen size.

I just woot my pants :frowning:

I certainly hope people aren’t stupid enough to get one of these instead of the Google Nexus 7 devices (have one, love it). Presuming not, then I’ll see you guys tomorrow when they finally sell out of these.

For $49 more you can have a Nexus 7… I choose the Nexus 7

To be fair, the Nexus 7 features a7" screen and this is the full 10" screen.

Size does matter to many buyers. So a 10" screen with ICS at same price??? Seems like a good deal.

Likely upgrade to Jellybean in future.

Is it 3D?

Best woot off EVER!

This is hilarious! And I wish I could tell people this without getting cussed out.

“We’re told the OS for this tablet is known as “Ice Cream Sandwich” and if that doesn’t make you at least a little bit interested, you are already dead inside and there is no hope for you.”

Has anyone used this that can speak for how webpages look? My wife has an iPad and webpages actually look like webpages as opposed to loading the mobile site like on my tablet. Any advice either way? (I like the 10" screen size so the Nexus is out.)