Acer Iconia One 8" Android 5.0 16GB Tablet

re: Acer B1-820-16FX Iconia One
re: Acer A1-860-19LU Iconia Tab

Can anyone offer a comparison of the two Acer tablets offered?

The specs seem identical and my Google searches had no Foo.


I’ve been informed the only difference is the color.

The tablet is slow very slow. at times i wanna punch it but i just wait for the screens to load… one minute its fast next minute its not… the wifi does not reach far and it only sees the 2.4ghz wifi and not the 5ghz. the battery does not seem to last very long either… I have not put much in it just facebook and amazon app it comes preloaded with a bunch of stuff garbage stuff but oh and candy crush the first time i go to load that game it takes me about 1 min to just get into the game… not happy but for 59$ its doing what i wanted which was to connect to my drone and give me a bigger image but outside the screen is very dim… blah.

I agree , totally. These are extremely slow, battery life is dismal, and although the specs stated GPS, hardware info app , does not show GPS in hardware information.
Does work fine with sunshield for use with my Phantom Drones, but with such poor battery life, you have to carry brick chargers to the field.
They were cheap, but I think Acer and Intel really missed their mark on these.