Acer Iconia Tab 7" 16GB Android Tablet

For pretty much the same price, you can get the Hisense Sero 7 Pro, which has much better specs and a very good rating.

Do you have a link to share? I found it at two places for a little over $100 with a better processor but not more RAM. This looks like a good deal to me. But I’m buying this for a friend and want to get it right…

PS - Very good reviews for this over on the mothership.

Total junk - horrible processor, poor low res screen, and little memory. Pick up a $60 tablet at the drug store at it will be better - and it will be new.

Newegg has the Hisense Pro for under $50 after rebate.

Are you sure you’re not looking at the 7 LT? I can’t find it.

Newegg has it for $76:

A couple of days ago, they were all over eBay, in excellent condition, with a Buy It Now for $70. Today, it looks like the BIN is up to about $75. If you watch the auctions, you may be able to get it for $55 for a good quality one.