Acer Iconia Tab A500 10.1" Android Tablet

Acer Iconia Tab A500 10.1" Android Tablet

This is like an 8 year old tablet. It is running an OS that was released in 2011. I’m not sure what Android version this will update to or even if it will update, but it’s almost certainly not going to be able to run any regularly updated app from the Play store. Speaking of which this device was released like 2 years before the Play store. No idea if the android marketplace app will update to the Play store. for 5 bucks it might be worth it. For 95 bucks you’ll get more enjoyment from 100 pairs of left handed kiddie scissors. Woot, you should be ashamed for peddling this.

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Agreed, I know that this is selling for more in other places, but this is just a pitiful deal. 8 years old, latest non-stock firmware is CM 12.1, and that’s IF you can get it running it.

$20 tablet at best

I had one of these brand new, and they were great tablets, but like was said above, these are ancient! We finally just recycled ours last year because it was practically unusable. No way this is worth $95!