Acer Laptops & Tablets

I purchased an Acer Iconia windows tablet(refurb) a year ago it had no rescue partition nor rescue disk. Nobody seemes inclined to give me one. Other than that is is great.

That’s OK both times i needed to use mine on my old Iconia A500 it was Bad and i had to send it to Acer.

Is the battery in today’s Acer Aspire V3-572P-51BA 15.6" Laptop new?

They are tested to make sure they are good and have good life left in them. However, they may or may not be new.

Has anyone reloaded this with Linux?

What is the difference between the two Switch listings?

Looks like one has an IPS display and the other does not.

Mine arrived today. The ‘1’ key doesn’t work, so I can’t get past the screen to enter my password for wifi. This is the first defective woot product. I should have known not to go cheap, but I thought buying this and installing SSD and 8gb of RAM was worth this low cost.

edit: I’ll be returning this Acer and not buying from Woot again.