Acer Power P4 631 3.0Ghz/1GB Vista Business PC

WTF … didn’t they selll them out?

rofl p4

wot idiot is gonna buy this unless they’re a grandma buying for their nephew

Enough already!!!

fale ure

Buy it just to say you bought a computer and paid $5 for shipping.

Oh…and you can help end this carp-a-licious item

i’m starting to think this is gonna be a two-day woot-off.
sigh. there goes my friday!

A co worker got one of these. It is a POC…

Woot??? love it

I hope they have a lot of these I amk just getting off work and it will take me 30 minutes to get home. then again these are such junk maybe if they have 5 it will wait

it’s always 5

2GB max? Ick!

Christ, come on. I know we’ve already seen this, or something close enough to be the same…This woot-off sucks, but I’m the fool who continues to sit here…

This would make a nice and easy Linux box.

Good luck using power hungry Vista on this machine.

LOL netburst. AVOID!!

How many Acer comps iz they gonna try and pawn off on us today?

That’s the best deal all day!
These are excellent computers and Vista Business actually works.

Any good with Linux?