Acer Power P4 631 3.0Ghz/1GB Vista Business PC

Does anyone know if the motherboard is standard… can i gut this into my sonata case or is it proprietary junko?

are you kidding, …; a pc and vista don’t mix, screw 1 gb of ram being the issue, god vista blows

"Dude, I GOT a DELL Vistros Business PC

can I play World of Warcraft on this?

I think the woot writers pulled an all-nighter too. :slight_smile:

Shirley Woot can do better…

For 150 more dollars you could get a decent dell. Crap machine. It would be worth it for $100 even.

Strike 1: P4
Strike 2: Vista
Strike 3: Integrated graphics

i hope this doesn’t take forever
i wish it were a mac

1GB Vista = does not compute

relax almost gone


Oh come on. They will hold your door open for years.

so if I throw 2GB more RAM in there, add a much bigger HDD, and get a decent video card… this can be a good PC for about $500 total?

What a hunk of junk… no wait it is amazing buy 3

Enough already with the n00bs crying for a Box Of Crayons.

Anything and Vista don’t mix.

Acer is CARP anyways. I wouldn’t buy this if it were $5

At the top when it lists people buying by hour it says “Sold Yesterday” - would people buying this one be “born yesterday”? Even better than 1GB of RAM and Vista - how about 80GB HDD and Vista?

HEY - I’ve been on here a year, and finally a reason to post!

Vista, NO.

omg sold out!