Acer Swift 3 Intel Evo Thin & Light Laptop

Acer Swift 3 Intel Evo Thin & Light Laptop

Good price for a business cpu. Not for intense gaming or graphics work.

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CPU gtg for Windows 11… on the list of supported processors: Windows processor requirements Windows 11 supported Intel processors | Microsoft Docs

So, it’s Windows 11 compatible?

Does it have aTpm 2.0?

Memory Upgradable? Looks like no… Can someone confirm

This will definitely support Windows 11. My daughters Spin 3 I5 10th gen just got an update notification telling her that her computer was compatible and asking her if she wanted to update to W11. I also found this Windows 11-ready laptops: Here’s our full list, from Acer and Asus to Samsung and Razer BTW I’m a big Acer fan, always been the easiest to upgrade/fix, always gave the best bang for the buck and they are balanced in their features- unlike HPs that will pair a top of the line CPU with a 1366x768 display. I think this is a great laptop for the money.

Since it is not mentioned “touch screen”; assume it is not. WHY would anyone want one w/o Touch Screen??? This is a real DEAL BREAKER.

something about finger prints all over the screen doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. :slight_smile:


Coulda sworn I clicked a link in Specs for a “Joy” warranty that led to a 404 but now I see a manufacturer warranty. Going crazy maybe.

Please explain why/how you use a touch screen. I forget I even have one on my laptop.


@sburger11 Hello! From what I can tell, the memory is not upgradeable on this model.

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My dad’s laptop has a touchscreen, and the only thing he uses that feature for is maps. Pinch to zoom, panning, etc. It works excellent for that.

The reason laptops without touchscreens are made is because of people like me who don’t want a touchscreen. Sorry about that.


Do you really want win 11 before they get it right?

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No memory upgrading!

Will this play WoW classic?

Yes. WoW doesn’t require great specs to play. Just won’t be at the highest visual settings, but you will get 45+ FPS.

Having a touchscreen is a deal breaker for me. Cannot stand to have my laptop monitor mucked up with fingerprints.

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He’s not saying he wants it now. Just asking if it’s compatible so that he can get it when he’s ready to jump on board. If you’re investing in something like this, you’ll want to make sure it’ll do what you want it to do down the road, no?