Acer Switch Alpha Business 2-in-1 Tablet

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Acer Switch Alpha Business 2-in-1 Tablet
Price: $529.99
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Hey Wooters! Has Acer gotten any better in quality? I’ve warned friends to avoid Acer like the plague based on how many dead laptops I’ve been asked to fix in the past. Everything from dead MBs (usually caps) to poor soldering of video chips to crud HDs etc etc

Anyhow, I have no need for this deal, but curious for future reference.

I’ve had great luck with Acer over the last 7 years. I have a couple Acer A500 tablets that my kids used when they were little, that went through abuse (and still work)- although they are mounted now just used as a type of “chumby” device. About 5 years ago, I bought them the v5-572p-6858, and both laptops are still going great- I added 4GB more of RAM and replaced the spinner with 250GB SSD (not because of failure, but to increase performance). Both these laptops are still going strong. I’m a definite believer in Acer, but to be fair, you don’t want to buy the bottom line item from any company. The items I purchased were middle-mid-high end stuff (as is today’s laptop). I like Acer stuff, they have some innovative designs, easy to upgrade (at least my laptops were) and a great value.

Looks like for $89.99 more (and with free shipping) you can get the i7 version of this laptop.

Seems like a good deal, but only so/so reviews on Amazon.

Best Buy has the newer Acer Switch 5 (successor to the Switch Alpha 12) refurbished for 579.99

I actually own this model and can recommend it for those looking for a cheaper surface pro 4 clone. Considering the comparable surface pro is in the $850+ range with keyboard and pen.

It’s main cons over the surface pro 4 are that it’s battery life isn’t as good and its maybe slightly less sleek.

I did a lot of research on these before I purchased, Acer didn’t make it easy with their terrible branding.

Basically, the Switch 5 (2017, 7th gen intel) is the true successor to the Switch Alpha 12 (2016, 6th gen intel). The switch 3 was released at the same time as the switch 5 and is basically a pentium budget model. The switch 7 (2018, 8th gen intel) is a more powerful variant / successor to the switch 5.