Acer TravelMate 11.6" Convertible Ultrabook

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Acer TravelMate 11.6" Convertible Ultrabook
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CPU Benchmark

CPU is i3-3229Y, not haswell, which means battery life sucks.

To be honest, too expensive for this spec.

Battery is terrible but it has nothing to do with not being Haswell. It gets hours less of battery life than similarly spec’d devices. It also appears to be a business-class device, which would explain the price. If it werent for the all-around terrible, terrible, terrible reviews, the price actually isnt all that bad in the end.

Agreed. This is at least $100 over priced. It’s not even detachable.

That’s actually a dock and a bluetooth keyboard that pictured. Did you read that the tablet only weight is 1.74 lbs?
I don’t know if it’s a “real” dock though as the keyboard is bluetooth.

Acer X313-M Product Support

Acer X313-M User Manual

Don’t be so fast to dismiss this one. That dock is exceptionally well featured and with all the USB 3 High speed ports you can forget about the Bluetooth cover which is just for emergencies. A regular PC Full size wired keyboard and mouse can be hooked up and still have the USB port up on the monitor and the third USB on the dock available for external drives etc.

I own three Windows tablets and love to hook them up like desktops and blow a friend’s mind. I also have a hybrid first generation HP x2 11.6 with detachable hard wired keyboard.

This one has everything and don’t discount the SD card slot in the docking cradle. In other words it can be on the charging base and used as a desktop, and then you can get 5-6 hours in the evenings or on the go from the battery. That is way beyond the battery run times of any laptop not over 800 bucks.

128GB SSD and fast run times makes this a great deal. I love the 11.6" size. Two of ours, a Lenovo Lynx and the x2 are 11.6 and my newest an Dell Venue Pro is 10.8 inches and heavier. It runs 8-10 hours and the other two run 6-7 hours and that is more than adequate. My 10.8" one weighs exactly the same so this one feels lighter because it is wider.

Sorry for the longish post but the many iPad folks don’t get that Windows 8/8.1 tablets are full Windows computers in a tablet size. It is like if you put OSX from a Mac into an iPad, and could run all your desktop programs, and all your mp3s in the SD card, and have a multi TB external USB3 hard drive hooked up as well as load your network printer software and print wirelessly with your router connected via Ethernet network printer.

This unit only lacks full HD instead being 720P. Only drawback for me.

It even has an Ethernet port on the docking cradles.

I use my tablets with a wireless full size PC keyboard and mouse all the time. But I use an elevated stand because I’m 62 and the eyes see better closer these days without glasses.

I use wooden large document holders for setting our tablets down with no damage, and even have an iHome combo Bluetooth keyboard, amp and speakers all in one. I prefer the tablet holder I got from Amazon for 29 bucks that uses a tripod small or large. You can see all of the variants on my public page of Photobucket here:

This is actually, with the speed 128GB SSD i3 and 4GB RAM with the dock/cradle and keyboard cover, an awesome buy for a first Windows tablet from just reading the specs and not having owned one. I’m tempted to sell one of mine later and get this with some money added today.

I am neither an Acer Fan nor a detractor. Their customer service is as good and bad as any of them. This will give decent performance with less resolution and at half the price for the 128GB SSD version of the Surface. It is also Windows 8 Pro which upgrades free to 8.1, and MS just announced that Windows 10 upgrade will be free for all Windows 7 and 8.1 owners.

Windows tablets are awesome!

I forgot. The Haswell does get better battery life but marginally. The best battery life is with the Atom Z3700 series Haswell processors. They also run coolest, but all but a couple of them are limited to 2GB of RAM. Two of the Haswell Z3795 and one other can handle 4GB of RAM, and they will be the fastest, coolest, lightest of the ATOM bunch. But this year we will see more of the newest Broadwell processors from Intel which will blow all the first gens away. And cost an arm and a leg compared to this very fast discounted 2nd gen Ivy Bridge dual core SoC one here: