Acer V5 UltraThin 15" Touchscreen Laptop

**Item: **Acer V5 UltraThin 15" Touchscreen Laptop
Price: $449.99
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Condition: New

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2.5 stars over at Amazon with 3 reviews.

Now with genuine Microsoft Windows 8, with permanent NSA backdoor that can’t be disabled.

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The trackpad is pretty meh. At least theres a touchscreen on this one.

Can the HD be changed out on this model?

Since it doesn’t use an ARM, MS doesn’t insist on total lockdown via UEFI secure boot, so you can fix that. Lots of info at

It does not say in specifications etc., but is the screen reversable to use as a tablet only at times? I’d never buy a touch screen that cannot swivel and do this. Many computers have this feature, so I wonder if this one does.


Actually bought this from the mothership to replace a laptop that had crapped out a few months ago. Windows 8 takes a little getting used to but the touchscreen definitely helps with that. Slim design and fairly light. Hard to find a touchscreen and a DVD player at this price point. Not a fan of the trackpad but a wireless mouse for $15 solves that pretty easily. For most basic computing tasks this fits the bill.

1366x768 on a 15" screen needs to stop being a thing.

People complaining about every detail not fitting their fussy rump, needs to stop being a thing.

I’m going to have to agree with ericshmerick. If 1080p is standard on top of the line phones I’d hope that a mid-range laptop with 2-3 times the screen diagonal would me able to atleast hit 1600x900. 1366x768 is only really usable 13 inch or under… on a good day.

Screen resolution is the first spec I look at these days. Doesn’t matter what else it can do if you are scrolling around all the time or can’t multi task window wise.

If you are getting a computer and expect to get any productivity out of it then this just won’t due. It’s a serious issue. It’s probably fine for the basics though… but if that is all your are doing there are a lot cheaper options.

You’re spot on there. I bought this same laptop a few weeks ago at a warehouse store. (Mine has the AMD processor, 8GB RAM, and 1TB HD.) It was awesome up until I noticed I had to constantly scroll up and down to see an entire screen. A little research and I discovered that most Win8 laptops are crippled with this 1366x768 junk. It’s okay if you’re in Metro, but if you’re using the desktop (like everyone I know), it isn’t enough. 1080 should be the minimum. Heck, my 10" tablet has that much, why not a 15" laptop? I’m taking mine back to the store today and I’m buying something with a real screen.

@ericshmerick/th3madhatter/mckinnej, your observations, while valid and true, won’t change the industry via the woot forum. (Just like Windows 8 isn’t going away via the woot forum.)

A more helpful response might be to illustrate what an Intel i3 CPU/touch screen/less than 1 inch thick laptop would cost with 1080p resolution.

This laptop is decently priced, especially since it is new, not refurbed.

Does anyone know how far the screen opens? 180 degrees?

Is this hard drive SSD or HDD?

@earthsunmoon, that’s a very significant feature - you’d see it if it were included.

And you’re not likely to find it on a less expensive laptop like this, even less likely to find it on a 15 inch laptop.