Acer Veriton Dual Core Ultra Small Form Factor PC Woot Info Post

Acer Veriton Dual Core Ultra Small Form Factor PC [Refurbished] - $239.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Acer Veriton VL410G-ED5400C Athlon X2 2.8Ghz, 2GB, 160GB, DVDRW, Vista Business

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Not looking for a computer, especially one with as few uses as this one.

Ewwww ACER. #ThatsAll

Maybe this is an old Woot-Off and we’ve been DEAD all along… Oh and Does this work with a Mac?

OK… this will put me to bed

Looked like a Xbox 360 for sec.

Its the Sixth Sense

This better be eligible for Win 7!

why so many computers?!?!

lol at all the “is it mac compatible” comments

For the love of all humanity, don’t click the Mili Vanili link.


I happen to be using an Acer laptop right now. Comparable hardware in a Dell or HP would have cost me $1500 up. I got mine for $800.

:slight_smile: Look for the hardware.

I’m actually sort of looking for a desktop for my mom, cheap as I can get it for a functional pc. Any actual feedback on this thing? I’m…kind of hesitant because most of this sort seem pretty iffy.

Rare sighting of the elusive “acer fanboy”

Apparently it is good enough for Utah! (only bright green state at 01:49 CST…)

I have used a few Acer products, nothing wrong with them. Dont not buy because of the name.

Isn’t this the cutest little computer you have ever seen?

Are Mormons allowed to use computers?