Acesori 3 Lens Camera Kit: 3pks

This is selling for $5-10 elsewhere, and never anywhere near $149.99.

Woot you’ve gone full Trump on price and honesty, for shame.

Oh pfffffffffffft. We’re selling a 3-pack. You’re comparing to singles.

We be good.

Mortimer & Monte

To be honest, I think if you have a phone made in the last 2 years (probably longer), you don’t really need this.

I purchased a similar kit and the only interesting thing was the fisheye lens. I have a GS7 Edge, and the macro capability of the phone is not really enhanced by the lens I bought.

Who knows though, maybe having a different brand name printed on the side will improve the usefulness.

Really? Here’s an Acesori 3 lens kit for $4.99 on

That’s the older version. Ours is the newer version that comes in multiple colors and includes a carry pouch plus extra magnetic rings.

Not sure if this is the same one, but I purchased one for my husband last Xmas and half of the contents were missing :frowning:

Sorry, I’m not seeing a ~$17 increase in value here by adding a carry pouch and letting me get the lenses in red instead of black. “But…but…but EXTRA MAGNETIC RINGS!” you might say. To which I respond “I can buy 4 sets of lenses, which would give me 4 sets of magnetic rings, and still pay less.”

Acesori 5 Piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit w/ Cleaning Cloth & Carrying Pouch - Pouch
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The Groupon $9.99 uses the exact same photo as this Woot set.

Ours includes 3 full sets of the lenses, though. That’s where you’re missing the deal on Groupon.