Achievement Unlocked!

I just earned “3-page catalog” status. Neat!

Unlocked by your other achievement of almost taking the whole weekend with your Derby wins! Congrats!

There are achievements in woot? I was addicted before this site was gamified. Uhoh :wink:

Thanks! Hat trick would have been cool, but no complaints!

There are all kinds of achievements. They’re just made up and not acknowledged. :slight_smile:

I win!

We should create a list.

I love that idea! I’ll start us off. In order of likeliness to complete. Once we get the list finished we’ll need to tally our scores for the gamiest Wooter!

Achievement List
-Honourable: HM in a Derby
-Friendly: ACraigl compliments your design
-5 for fighting: Picking a fight on the forum
-Crossed the line :Disqualified in a Derby
-Made it big: Daily
-Placed: Podium Derby Finish
-Sociable: Finding the Shirt.Woot Community Page (seriously, I’ve been casually browsing this site for 4 years and just found it this week)
-Gold Medal: First in a Derby
-Where do you find the time? :Finish browsing @Walmazing’s catalog
-Featured: Featured artist
-Deep thought: Introspectively wondering who receives your art files and if they enjoy the messages you send. Honestly, there should be a derby theme about the imaginative possibilities of what goes on behind the curtain that is Woot.

  • Meow: Submitted a catshirt.
  • So close but so far: 4th place by one vote.
  • Second time around: Revised an old derby entry, resubmitted, and printed.
  • Incognito mode: Got goggles?
  • Ramyb rule: There were “no _____” rules written for multiple derbies because of me.

I like where you are going with naming awards by people…
Ramyb Award: X? Consecutive derbies from same artist using the same subject.
Walmazan Award: X? Consecutive weeks with a print.
Spikani Award: Submittal to print ratio exceeds X?
Patrickspens Award: Subjective, amazing art
Tjost Award: Over X? sold for a single design
AdderXYU Award: Over the top criticism or snarky comment.
Oak Island Award: Sales figures under X? having WON a derby.
Monster Mash Award: Subjective, weirdest mash-up

But he HAD to change subjects because of the rules.

I think Ramy had a longer streak. Perhaps for continuing series? @DoOomcat and @FableFire are also great with continuing their series too.

How would that work for folks who haven’t had any prints yet?

Or the corollary award: “I attempted to halftone like @PatrickSpens and it did not work.”

Or first place the first time in a derby.

I miss his posts … sometimes.

Haha, @RamyB & the Bunnies. Is that what the B stands for? I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the no bunnies rules before. I’m currently wearing a @Ramy shirt, but no bunnies.


Also ThatRobert Lookalike Attempted a text-as-art design, gave up, bought @ThatRobert’s design instead.

That works, but I moreso believe that the b is for Badie, his last name. I will say that the critics did him a huge favor with the Streisand Effect. The more ruckus they raised, the more Wooters took notice at the time. Then lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m not sure if @PartickSpens has taken over the #1 volume sales spot or if he’s still top, despite not having any new designs here in 4+ years.

Just searching by username:
PartickSpens: 260; Ramyb: 76
Walmazan: 441

These numbers are not correct historically. They have had many purges over the years, some based on categorical C&D; other’s are by the artist’s request, etc. has not been updated for a couple years; but more data can be found there…

Print numbers, no comparison at all. Also, C-contracts and other limited production designs in the past aren’t in the catalog, so the real number is higher.

Total quantity was what I was getting at, though.

I believe that the back end changes prevents it from pulling the figures. FWIW, I am NOT going to attempt adding up all the sales figures from each discussion page, especially when a good number of pages are not linked or non-existent.

Is it too early to congratulate @kg07 for this achievement?

Dang! I came in 4th by two votes once. So close…

This may be an achievement that I would have preferred to have left locked. It is, however, my first derby win so one positive achievement unlocked at least. :slight_smile:

Not that this is an achievement to strive for, but this one popped in my mind today…
More comments than shirts sold.
We will know in a little over three hours.

LOL. Very true. It will be somewhat close, but I think the comments will win out for day one. :slight_smile: