ACOPOWER Solar Panel and Generator Kit

So how is this battery with inverter a generator, or am I missing something?

While it seems slightly misleading, it’s the common terminology for this type of setup. It’s not a “generator” in the typical gas or otherwise driven motor that creates power but, is as you said, a battery that collects energy generated by the solar panels.

What is a “pure dual modified sine wave?” It sounds like someone in marketing wanted people to think this is “pure sine wave” power when it is probably a stepped approximation.

At least this unit CAN generate electricity (solar panel). The last “generator” they sold, did not include the panel. Big arguments started.

I bought this the last time it was on sale here had to return it was missing the part to plug the solar panels into the battery. so make sure to check that all the pieces are there if you buy it.

Haha, yah, using “pure” and “modified” in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

Clearly this is not pure sine wave - nobody who supplied that would include the word “modified”.

It is a deceptive specification claim, but it is difficult to see who they’d fool since those folks who know you want pure would see the contradiction.

And this isn’t a faux-deception you could blame on crappy Chinenglish like a lot of the poor translation in the rest of their marketing copy.

This could be a new era for marketing!

Next up: jewelry made from pure modified gold!

Food made from pure modified ingredients!

Speakers that deliver pure modified sound…

Lol I want in on the language chit chat! I’ve noticed a common marketing use of the word “generator” to describe battery units and I think the idea is to compare it to a generator as in “buy this instead of a generator.”

Also anybody who knows the difference b/t modified and pure sin wave electricity wouldn’t be fooled.

I commented on this last time they had it and I added up the components in this and it’s an ok deal. The solar panel is a quality unit. You’re premium to have these components put together in a box for you is only slight vs just buying this kind of stuff separate on your own.

So I have no idea what all that sine wave crap is, but I do understand marketing BS pure/modified. What I’d like to know is, what is this thing good for? If I took it camping, with the sun out, 3,000 miles north of the equator, can I run a laptop, charge my phone, play a radio, AND still have it charge itself to capacity? Would it continuously run a dorm room fridge (in the day)?

The equator part is said in jest, but also true… Rochester, NY

Anyway, THANKS!

this one has built in inverter, so AC output included.

This is small compacity generator, 150Wh. For this smaller size, with output rate is 100W, the AC output is nomally use for small AC load such as laptop, lighting, etc. Those load works well with modified sine wave. For large load, they have strict requirement on AC current wave which need pure sine wave output. The small size generator use modified sine vave to save cost on product. You never use this small generator to power large load such as microvave.

Yes this generator use power labtop, lighting, radio, cell phone, all small load below 100w. For most regular fridge with imput below 100w, it works. Those compressor load normally around 40-80w. Please check the power load from the refrigerator label.

“Modifided sine wave” is just standard word in te industry, not for this product.

Thanks for your explaination. The industry usually use Solar Generator or Power Station to name this feactured product.

im guessing this could be used to charge a car battery enough to start it? almost like a trickle charger??

anyone anyone…Bueller?

Sure. But “pure modified sine wave” - which is what you actually say - is not. There are “pure sine waves” (which are good) and “modified sine waves” (which are less desirable).

I love that you responded to criticism of what you said by defending something other than what you said.

This combo includes generator and solar panel, with AC charge adaptor, solar charge connector. The solar panel can also use for car battery or other battery charge, but you need to have extra charge controller for regular battery. if you need this solar panel to charge other battery, please reach ACOPOWER or buy it from ACOPOWER website directly. The generator has built-in charge controller, so you can use the solar panel or other regular solar panel to charge it directly.

Kind of like “genuine imitation leather.”

Multi-Purpose: Charges 12V lithium and lead acid batteries, provides a USB 5V output for phones/USB devices when connected to the battery.